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The day after….

Did anyone wake up groggy yesterday? I did! I think it was the turkey… or chocolate cream pie 😉

My mom and her boyfriend stayed the night – we had a little sleep over! It reminded me of old times living with my parents. =)

I made a little Green Monster of spinach, almond milk, frozen fruit, half a banana and almond butter. And then a few hours later Marc made breakfast.


There was also ham and pancakes but I skipped those.

They left at almost noon and I started to get very sleepy… like “nap” sleepy. But J was up, running around – and speaking of J; he has been walking like crazy the past few days! We can tell he is getting a lot more stable and confident in his steps. It will only be a matter of time! =)

Lunch I made a left over sammy… but of course!




It had avocado, light mayo, sprouts, cranberry sauce and turkey between two slices of toasted, sprouted bread. The best!


With a side of freshly baked/steamed butternut squash with a pinch of brown sugar. I love butternut squash!

Even though I was exhausted I did end up going to the gym for a small run and some stairs. I felt much better, actually!

Dinner was a lovely little plate of everything!


Swiss cheese, heirloom baby tomatoes, Kashi crackers, an artichoke heart, organic carrots, baby corn and hummus. I simply adore snack plates – they really are my favorite kind of meal.

And a few hours later I had a Honey crisp apple with some PB.


Nothing else to report – today marc is refereeing so it will just be J and I for a bit. I don’t dare go anywhere, though. All of you crazy shoppers are on the road! 😉


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