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Feeling nutty!

I hope everyone’s Tuesday was great! What did you do? Are you ready for the Holiday?

Marc went early this morning and bought the remainder of our dinner’s ingredients: organic free range turkey, potatoes, cream, onions… He also brought home this handsome fella:


I love nutcrackers! We both do, in fact. It started after seeing the Nutcracker live performance… after that we were life long fans! We go every year to Seattle, wearing our best dress and make an entire day out of it. Now that we have J we cannot wait until he gets a tad older so he can enjoy the tradition, too!

For breakfast I had a great bowl of Chobani blueberry yogurt, granola, peanut butter and an apple.


Took a shower, got ready and J and I headed to the store for my list of items: dessert!

I leave the “food” to Marc as he is The Chef… and he leaves the baking to me! =) I don’t mind – I love being in charge of the desserts!

I am making “surprise” pumpkin pie and chocolate cream pie. I can’t tell you why my pumpkin pie will be a surprise; you will just have to wait until Thursday!

I grabbed a pint of Coconut Bliss ice cream and taste tested it when we arrived back at home.



One bite, that’s all it took.

How was it?

AMAZING! OMG x 1939938489399209292999848484839!!!!!!! Seriously, it was that good. And I am currently munching on some as I type, too. 😉

Lunch was pretty good, too!



A veggie burger with melted swiss, pesto, avocado, sprouts and a huge tomato slice! It was so big that I was only able to eat 3/4 of it!

Dinner was so-so… pretty much bland and MEH.


I mean, it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that great. I had some couscous on the bottom, steamed cauliflower, artichoke hearts, pasta sauce and parm. It was really acidic! And just not that great of a dinner. Oh well, I guess you can’t win them all.

In the world of J – he can now wave AND clap! Here is a short video of him waving! =)

So I am off to write my list for tomorrow!

  • laundry
  • clean
  • bake pies
  • file paperwork
  • paint nails

… off to bed! Oh, I am starting to re-read the Harry Potter series! I heart Harry Potter! Night kiddos!


7 thoughts on “Feeling nutty!

  1. That is a beautiful looking sandwich, I always forget about sprouts. Love the video of J, thank you for sharing. What a great smile he has. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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