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Best Green Smoothies Book Tour!

Friends – it has been a GLORIOUS day!

Not only did I shower and wear something other than yoga pants, I have consumed my weight in SMOOTHIES today!

Showered and some-what put together days are DOCUMENTED as they don’t happen often lol – yoga pants and no makeup for the win!


So now that I documented a day with no yoga pants, let’s talk smoothies!

Oh hey – you know what would be fun?! To have a virtual book tour!!! YAY!

The Best Green Smoothies on the PLANET recipe book’s virtual tour is happening TODAY! As in NOW! And let me tell you… this book is the MOTHER of all smoothie books!

smoothie book1

Every single recipe combo is in this book – from sweet to savory, from light and fit to protein packed, Tracy has done an outstanding job creating delicious and healthy smoothies that will satisfy even the novice smoothie drinker.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the recipes you will find in her book:

  • Blueberry-Lemonade Smoothie
  • Lemon-Lime Smoothie
  • Orange-Pear Smoothie
  • Banana-Pineapple Smoothie
  • Spiced Blueberry and Pear Smoothie
  • Raspberry-Orange-Pomegranate Smoothie
  • Black and Blue Smoothie
  • Sweet Potato Smoothie
  • Ginger-Carrot Smoothie
  • Coconut-Peach Smoothie

You can find Tracy over at Incredible Smoothies for tips, recipes and more!

I tried the Black and Blue smoothie – DELISH!

insta 12[3]

To order your very own copy of this staple smoothie book, head on over to Amazon!

Make 2015 the HEALTHIEST year ever! #smoothietour2015

smoothie book 2

XxOo Tasha

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Meeting goals and gaining strength!

I had an amazing run today! I felt strong, fast and powerful!

4.55 miles in 40:35!
Mile 1
– 9:06
Mile 2 – 9:21
Mile 3 – 8:41 !!!
Mile 4 – 8:38 !!!!!!
Mile .55 – 4.46

I cannot believe I am seeing my miles below 9 minutes! I am so happy about this and it only makes me want to keep getting stronger and faster. I run a trail and has a lot of little, but steep, hills. It is doing wonders for my backside 😉

I started off this rocking day with some tofu.


The norm – sautéed onion, red bell pepper, tofu, spices and a side of toast with avocado. Toast with avocado is sooooo much better than butter! Even fake butter!


Seattle’s weather has been pretty crappy this week and because of this I have been craving hit soup. I started pulling vegetables out of my fridge and came up with a fantastic vegetable soup!



I will post the recipe tonight Here is the recipe – it is very fresh and lively tasting! I had a small bowl before my run. Powered by veggies!! haha

I had a snack this afternoon which consisted of a bowl of cereal.


So, what happens when you haven’t checked the mail box in… 4 days? You get a ton of pleasant surprises!

Rick from Book Publishing Company contacted me a few weeks ago asking me if I would like to receive some books for review. Free cookbooks? YES PLEASE!


I picked 2 vegan and 2 raw cook books. Living in the Raw, Raw for Dessert, Local Bounty and Sweet Utopia. I have spent the entire evening drooling over pictures and planning out future meals. They are all wonderful books and I cannot wait to start cooking! I especially love Living in the Raw – the recipes are very simple with easy ingredients. I want to eat more raw as I feel my best when I eat this way. I really need a dehydrator, now!

I also was happy to see these magazines, too.


My weakness are magazines. I love them. I save each and every issue for YEARS! I always reference back to them from time to time and find joy in reading the material – it never seems to get old or be dated.

Dinner was another bowl of beans, rice and avocado.


Here is a video that I forgot to upload a few days ago. J is talking so much! He is such a little character, too. 😉

Some of you may have seen my facebook message about my Amazon store. I am very excited about this! I am still adding items but I wanted to team up with Amazon to enable me to showcase my favorite items; from cookbooks, kitchen items and health and beauty. I am still adding products and will let you all know when I do.

I actually purchase quite a bit from Amazon. With their unbeatable pricing and free shipping, you can’t lose! Plus, they are a Seattle based company, did you know that? Yup, good ole Seattle. =)

Do you purchase online?


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Modge Podge

It’s Friday! Another BEAUTIFUL day here in Seattle – I swear it looks like it should be 80 degrees outside! I am here wearing my capris, a tank top and some sandals.

Speaking of sandals, these are my most favorite pair of sandals EVER!


They are made by Ecodragon and I have owned several pairs. The have a 100% vegetable fiber sole and 100% hemp canvas top. They are so comfortable! I’m actually in need of a new pair, or two. I’ve had these for over 5 years. Whenever I go the the Seattle Hemp Fest, Ecodrago has an amazing sale – like 2 for 40$! Looks like I will have to wait until August =)

Another green monster for breakfast – I have been drinking these like crazy! BUT they are just so darn good!


The norm – almond milk, frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries, melon), flax meal, half of a banana and spinach.

At first, GM’s never kept me full. I must be getting used to them because I can go all morning on them, now. Strange…..

Look what came in the mail!!!



It’s charging right now but as soon as it’s done I am going to start playing with it! =)


It looks huge on my tiny wrist, though. =)

I don’t know if I will be using it this weekend or not. After last Saturday’s long 8 mile run (my longest to date) my legs have been crapping out on me. They feel tired and weak. =( I have been ramping up my training because of my half marathon on April 17th but I think I have been pushing myself too hard and not enough rest.

Today is my normal rest day but I might take an extra day, or two, to give my legs a break. The last thing I want to do is injure myself. I did, however, run a 8:13 minute mile last night! Last night was my speed night and I was pretty proud of that time! I was grunting and huffing towards the end but it was a good feeling. =)

Ok, and just because I haven’t posted a picture in a while….



He has just passed the 18 month mark! I cannot believe it!

I made something special for lunch today.


I found a recipe for an amazing sounding salad dressing on NicolesNutrition blog and I knew I had to try it! While I didn’t have all of the ingredients, I improvised and it turned out amazing!

  • 2 tablespoons red onion, diced
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic
  • 3 tablespoons dijon or stone ground mustard
  • 2 teaspoons agave syrup
  • salt and pepper taste


Whisk everything together in a bowl. Simple and tasty! I actually needed some lemon juice but I was totally out! It still tasted amazing but I will need to add it next time.


As far as mustard goes, I love this brand of stone ground mustard.


I had one of my Black Bean Burgers on top of a bed of romaine, topped with avocado, raw mushrooms, baby corn and dressing, along with some carrot and celery sticks with hummus and Mary’s Gone Crackers. Amazing lunch.


And I had this cookie (x2) that I made the other night.


I’m not sure what I am doing the rest of the day. I need to pick a few things up at the grocery store… or I might continue reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I am loving this book and I highly recommend it! I am only 30 pages into it but I will be writing a review after I am done. Already it has opened my eyes even more than they were before.

Have a wonderful day!


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The Kind Diet

I purchased Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet, today. It is an amazing read for those that are health conscious, as well as earth conscious. Alicia has put her heart and soul into this book, as well as creating nutritious vegan recipes that are sexy, as she would say, and exotic. It has opened my eyes in a very positive way learning about the dramatic impact industries have on our environment and our health. 

I love the fact that she understands that majority of Americans do not lead a healthy life – full of processed foods, dairy, meat, resulting in little or no greens, fresh vegetables or grains. While she has always been an animal loving vegetarian, she knows the difficulty of change. Alicia offers supporting words and a simple outlook on how to incorporate a “kinder” way to eat in our daily life. She calls it Flirting – and it’s really that simple.

I know a lot of my readers eat meat and dairy and enjoy every bite. I am vegetarian, 99% of the time, and am trying very hard to cut back on my dairy…. but cheese is just so damn loveable! The entire vegan world has opened my eyes, and continues to open my eyes, to a way of life filled with wholesome alternatives to my  everyday eating and living. Each and everyday I strive to bring my health to it’s peak – and I hope you will do the same.

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The first year

IT”S FRIDAY! Well… not for me but I can still act excited for everyone else! 😉 I kind of miss being excited for Friday’s… but J has been great about sleeping until 8 this week – more sleep for me is great! Although I seem to stay up later. I try to get up before he does but our black-out blinds in our bedroom make that pretty much impossible.

What are your plans this weekend?

This was morning was busy – we had some workers come in the house from 10-12, and J and I couldn’t be in the house. Plans? Why, yes of course! The book store!

I scarfed down breakfast first.


Then we were off! I could be at the bookstore for hours – I love the smell, the look and feel of books! I saw so many books, mainly cook books =), that I would love to buy. But this one intrigued me:


Mostly vegan, all vegetarian, this book focuses on eating whole foods – right up my alley! Heidi has a website worth checking out: 101Cookbooks. It is just as good and well written as her cook book. If you are looking for a new cookbook and resource featuring wholesome and natural food, this is a must buy!

After J and returned back home I made myself a very yummy lunch!


Remember the spelt burgers I made a few weeks back? I froze the entire batch, individually wrapping them in plastic wrap. I wasn’t;t sure how they were going to hold up but they tasted just like the day I made them! I microwaved them for 30 seconds on each side and viola!


I spread a wedge of laughing cow light cheese, some Chalula hot sauce, avocado slices and sprouts.


I paired it with some steamed Brussels sprouts, green beans and Terra chips.

AND of course J was being his silly self!

DSC03885 DSC03886 DSC03887 DSC03888

He will always be my little baby boy! =)


He is 15 months today! WOW! I am feeling a little nostalgic tonight and since most of you weren’t able to see his baby pictures, I thought I would share =) ENJOY!

Fresh from the oven!


1 month


2 months


3 months


4 months


5 months

jordan 5

6 months


7 months


8 months


9 months


10 months


11 months


1 year!


This is a video of him being oh so adorable right around 3 months

Dinner tonight was a repeat of yesterday’s lunch.


DSC03899 DSC03901

I am off to eat a cup cake, embroider and relax! Marc has been so busy

the past week – he the head director of a huge high school wrestling tournament tomorrow. He is putting in a full night setting up then a full day of hosting – aka running around like a mad man!

Good night!


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Feeling nutty!

I hope everyone’s Tuesday was great! What did you do? Are you ready for the Holiday?

Marc went early this morning and bought the remainder of our dinner’s ingredients: organic free range turkey, potatoes, cream, onions… He also brought home this handsome fella:


I love nutcrackers! We both do, in fact. It started after seeing the Nutcracker live performance… after that we were life long fans! We go every year to Seattle, wearing our best dress and make an entire day out of it. Now that we have J we cannot wait until he gets a tad older so he can enjoy the tradition, too!

For breakfast I had a great bowl of Chobani blueberry yogurt, granola, peanut butter and an apple.


Took a shower, got ready and J and I headed to the store for my list of items: dessert!

I leave the “food” to Marc as he is The Chef… and he leaves the baking to me! =) I don’t mind – I love being in charge of the desserts!

I am making “surprise” pumpkin pie and chocolate cream pie. I can’t tell you why my pumpkin pie will be a surprise; you will just have to wait until Thursday!

I grabbed a pint of Coconut Bliss ice cream and taste tested it when we arrived back at home.



One bite, that’s all it took.

How was it?

AMAZING! OMG x 1939938489399209292999848484839!!!!!!! Seriously, it was that good. And I am currently munching on some as I type, too. 😉

Lunch was pretty good, too!



A veggie burger with melted swiss, pesto, avocado, sprouts and a huge tomato slice! It was so big that I was only able to eat 3/4 of it!

Dinner was so-so… pretty much bland and MEH.


I mean, it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that great. I had some couscous on the bottom, steamed cauliflower, artichoke hearts, pasta sauce and parm. It was really acidic! And just not that great of a dinner. Oh well, I guess you can’t win them all.

In the world of J – he can now wave AND clap! Here is a short video of him waving! =)

So I am off to write my list for tomorrow!

  • laundry
  • clean
  • bake pies
  • file paperwork
  • paint nails

… off to bed! Oh, I am starting to re-read the Harry Potter series! I heart Harry Potter! Night kiddos!


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New friends

Hi everyone!
WOW – so sorry I have been MIA. I’ve actually had some downtime but since Marc and I share a computer it’s been tough to have it for a block of time. He is very busy right now with his scholarship projects and needs it quite a bit. Oh well – it’s a compromise thing, right? 😉

Tonight I have been busy working on my project site with Marc. It is for his scholarship fund that helps Student-Athletes of Washington State. Check it out!

Since I haven’t been blogging about ANY of my eats as of late, here are some pictures to tantalize your taste buds!


This was last night’s dinner. Marc was at a committee meeting so I opted for quinoa noodles with some spinach marinara and nice light spring mix salad with a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette, grape tomatoes and toasted pine nuts.
For those of you that haven’t tried quinoa noodles, please do! They are much better than rice noodles – light, fluffy, soft and tasty! We are not gluten free but I try to buy other alternatives to wheat if I can. And you all know how much I LOVE quinoa!

This morning Baby J let me sleep in until 7! He has been waking up at about 6-6:15 and he is very cranky at that early. It’s dark in his room so I really have no clue as to why he is waking up that early. But sleeping in until 7 felt great! Thanks, my little boy!

It’s so sweet of Marc – he always gives me my first cup of coffee in the morning. 🙂


I make it but he pours it for me. I love it!
I made some time this morning to head to the gym so I ate a half of a peanut butter Cliff bar, and then the rest after I came back home.


My knee is feeling so much better! Not 100% and believe me, I am not pushing it. I ran a mild 2.5 miles in 25 minutes then hit the stair master. I need to get some leg strength back into my legs as I haven’t been pushing them the past few weeks. I also have been icing my knee to prevent further injury.

After a nice shower I walked into the kitchen on a mission. To find a recipe that I could incorporate my pomegranates into!
Well, I didn’t “find” a recipe, I made one up! I don’t even know what to call it… it’s just a mixture of this and that, but OMG was it ever so good!


I will post a recipe on it with the entire ingredient list and directions, but for now I will give a brief description. I used quinoa as the base – I boiled it with a bay leaf, dried basil, parsley, Italian seasoning and poultry seasoning (mainly for the sage as I didn’t have any plain sage). I added about a cup of frozen carrots and peas, too. Once it was cooked I let it cool and the fun began! I just kept grabbing items out of the fridge and pantry – it felt like I was concocting something magical! I added toasted pine nuts, dried cranberries, pomegranate arils (the actual name of the fruit), fresh basil, EVOO, s & p and feta crumbles. It turned out wonderfully! This could be used as a side dish with chicken, turkey or pork but since I don’t eat a lot of meat, I used this salad, of sorts, as my main meal for lunch!


Along with a mini brie, some Mary’s Gone Crackers and a VERY ripe red pear. I found these mini brie’s at the store and I just love them!


I even used them as a spoon for the quinoa – a perfect combo!
After lunch I was feeling a bit restless so I packed up Baby J and set out to the book store – my favorite place! I received a very sweet Birthday package from my dearest friend, Sophie, which included a gift card to Borders! Thank you, sweetie! (PS – I AM NOT AVOIDING YOU 😦 – Been insanely busy, and I know that is no excuse not to call or text, Please forgive me! I gravel at your feet! I love you xoxoxox)

Off I go! (Yes, I know I’m a dork – hehe)


One thing that I love about driving is I get a chance to listen to music. Back in my HighSchool days I ALWAYS listened to music. I would stay up late, have my disk player in hand and jam out. Now I only listen to it when I am at the gym OR in the car. Our Tahoe has built in XM Radio and I am obsessed over 1st Wave and The Coffeehouse stations.


1st Wave plays a mixture of Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, The Clash… basically old school British punk/rock/alternative. LOVE IT!


The Coffeehouse is all acoustic singer-songwriters, just what you would hear in a coffeehouse! Very relaxing and puts me in an instant good mood. 🙂

I found a bunch of treasures at Borders!
First a cute book for Jordan – this kept him busy while I shopped.


I found this beauty on the clearance rack – it has descriptions and pictures of hundreds of ingredients that you can cook with. I thought this would be a valuable resource to have in the kitchen.


And the Grand Daddy of them all: The Worlds Healthiest Foods. It is my new bible for nutrition facts, food facts and over all eating healthy. George knows what he is talking about, no doubt about it! I was only able to flip through the pages, all 800+, and I am excited to actually sit down, take notes and learn from this massive book.
You can visit his website at


I also for a fun literary guide – one can never stop learning!


And one of my favorite magazines: Bust. It’s indie, it’s feministic, it’s bold and blunt – LOVE IT!


Phew – all of that shopping made me quite hungry so I snack on soy nuts as I browsed the pages of my new friends.


And look what else I received in the mail: MORE MAGAZINES!
Ahem, I have a “small” addiction to magazines. They are like candy or presents to me. I love the feeling of getting something other than a bill in the mail and magazines brighten up my day! I have like 6 or 7 subscriptions right now – shhh don’t tell Marc. 😉


After Baby J went to sleep, Marc and I worked hard at the scholarship website – it’s 1 AM folks! We started at 7.
I had a pretty basic dinner/snack of Oikos, almond butter, granola and a honey crisp apple.
The some coconut mint ice cream – because I deserved it! 🙂

Wow – I have got to get into bed. I have a feeling that since Jordan went to bed a tad early tonight he will be up early, too. 5 hours of sleep will not cut it!

PS – Don’t forget about my give away!

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All crammed into one

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a pleasant evening! Marc was busy researching our fantasy football team so I ended up going to bed early. ( I didn’t get much sleep last night so if I sound a little dazed in my post then that’s why!)

It ended up being a beautiful day! This is rare for Seattle weather this time of year.


My night was uneventful but relaxing. I was drooling over all of the raw food recipes in my new cook book and picked out at least a dozen to try! The main concept that I love about Ani’s book is the ingredient list is simple, and most of them I already have on hand! I think people are intimidated by the raw food concept because they think “special” food is required. Nope, quite the opposite really. So now I am all prepped and planned for Wednesday’s Raw Food challenge! You will probably see a few of these recipes this weekend though. 😉 They really do look and sound quite delicious!

We have made a lot of progress on our house since we moved in July. The home was move in ready but we love the idea of customizing the look and feel to really make it our own. My uncle Don is a general contractor and has helped us turn our vision into reality. From painting to shelving units, his work is amazing!

Recently we had him repaint the entire outside of the house. This is what it looked like before:

We really did not care for the yellow and white. Too bland and did nothing for how the house really is inside, elegant. We saw our exact same house in another part of the neighborhood and fell in love with the color scheme they had! So Marc went and asked them for a sample. We had my mom copy the colors, as she is a paint manager, and came up with this:

I love it! The contrasting color is gorgeous and if you notice the second tier above the garage is now painted the trim color, as well. The one thing we still don’t like are the vertical stripes on the very top of the house. My uncle said it would be easy to change those back to horizontal siding. I think we will tackle that one next spring.
We also changed out our front lights for something more modern:

And had our door repainted. There were chips and scratches all in it and it looks like a brand new door now!

And no more soliciting! I can’t even count how many times solicitors have rang the doorbell to sell something to me. It makes Lilly bark, scares Jordan and he starts wailing. Not fun. Hopefully this will put an end to it!

Lunch, dinner and product reviews

Let’s just jump right into yesterday’s eats.


I was craving melted cheese all morning so I new a nice hot sammy was in order. And this is really weird for me because I hardly ever eat cheese!

Max Flax sprouted bread, cheddar, tomato, basil leaves, tempeh slices and shredded parm/mozz mix. It really hit the spot!

I paired it with some juicy green grapes
I was stuffed afterwords! You may notice that I don’t eat a lot of sandwiches and when I do it’s like it just swells in my belly.

I bought some tempeh at the store the other day – first time trying it! Honestly though… I have no idea how I am supposed to fix it. Is it supposed to be warm? Cold? By it’s self? As the main meal? So I did the least intimidating thing I could think of – slather it with melted cheese and hope for the best! It was seedy and hearty… but I really couldn’t taste it. lol I do like the ingredient list, though.

Simple, just how I like it.

Now to dinner:

  • Spring mix and romain
  • quinoa
  • chicken
  • gorganzola – I forgot how much I really enjoy this cheese!
  • tomato
  • basil
  • sesame seeds
  • a lot of s & p
  • home made balsamic dressing
  • and some pita chips on the side

I think I am done with the balsamic dressings. I am not a fan if vinegar as it’s too acidic for my palate. I love my salads with fresh herbs and a drizzle of EVOO. The pita chips were yummy and added a great crunch on the side.

And for dessert?! Coconut ice cream!

I even gave Jordan some bites and he loved it too! Of course he never eats anything sweetened so it was a real treat for him. 🙂
If you have never tried this, please do! It tastes like the real deal!

At about 9:30 I was starving! Weird since I never eat late but I fixed a small bowl of Chobani with trail mix and granola.


I FINALLY was able to snap a picture of Jordan standing. Little stinker is so quick, as soon as he sees my camera he gets down and starts crawling to me.

He still has not taken any steps on his own. We are waiting and waiting but nothing. He can walk if he is holding onto something but he’s still not 100% sure of himself. Come on Baby J – you can do it!
His party is almost here! Wow, I am soon going to be a mother to a toddler – must. prepare.

New idea

Since Wednesday’s are so much fun around here I thought I would share the love with Friday’s! I am now featuring Fridays Favorites! The idea is to share your favorite items, feelings, smells, foods… anything! I will either have a theme to go by or a free for all for you to post random favorites.

Today is a free for all! These are my current favorite items:

Organique Intensive Moisturizing FootCare Cream
. I have very dry feet and I slather a healthy amount on before bed, put a pair of socks on and I wake up with supple feet! Amazing cream! It has a nice scent of patchouli and coriander but it is strong. With healing ingredients of beeswax, honey and sesame oil, your cracked feet will love you!
I picked it up at our local health food store for only 10 bucks – the website offers it for 20. Strange.
It is oily so if you can’t wear socks to bed try it during the day instead. You really don’t want to be soiling your sheets with this stuff.

My pumpkin spice candle. Nothing compares to the scent of pumpkin, spice and everything nice in my home. After a day of errands it so warming to open my door and automatically smell autumn. I love this time of year!

If you would like to participate in Fridays Favorites please take my badge, leave a comment and post on your blog linking to me – it’s simple as that! I am looking for suggestions for upcoming Fridays – any ideas?

So that concludes my random post – have a great day!

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Wednesday madness!

Happy Wednesday!
So today is not an average Wednesday – today is Raw Food Wednesday and Wish List Wednesday. No time to waste so here I go!

… I didn’t do Raw Food Wednesday. 😦 I just didn’t have time to prep or come up with a meal plan for the day. I was far too busy the past few days that I didn’t know what I was going to eat. Lame, I know. So today I prepped and planned for next week! 🙂 I went to my local bookstore and found this great cookbook – I can’t wait to dive into it!

Breakfast – I woke up starving! I made some coffee and proceeded to make a huge bowl of Chobani yogurt, vanilla almond granola, almond butter and a half of a honey crisp apple drizzled with honey. And don’t ask about the two spoons – I really have no idea why.

It really filled my belly!

I soon realized that after making Jordan’s breakfast that we were out of a lot of staple foods – nanner’s, spinach, soy milk, eggs… a trip to the grocery store was needed.
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE grocery shopping. It’s like a good therapy session for me. Plus – I love shopping with Jordan. I show him the produce, point out what I am going to buy, ask him for advice (lol) – he is my partner in crime!
I hadn’t eaten lunch prior to setting out so I grabbed an Odwalla Superfood drink and sipped as I shopped. I hate to admit it but this held me over until dinner at 5:30 – oops.

But I did replenish my trail mix jar and snacked on this while I was putting everything away…

And I was pleasantly surprised to see the latest edition of Cooking Light at the check out stand! I just love the recipes in this magazine and I especially need more ideas for fall type dishes. I will definitely be looking at this before bed tonight.

Marc and I made dinner together tonight, which was pleasant and over due. Although Jordan was being stubborn and only took a 30 minute nap today; he was very tired and clingy – poor thing.

On the menu were fresh made turkey burgers, steamed brussel sprouts and bok choy. Simple yet divine!

All I know is he adds Italian dressing, seasonings and a splash of Worcestershire. But don’t hold me to this – since he was an executive chef he just adds dashes of this and splashes of that; winging it as he works. I guess I do this too but it’s hard to keep track of what he is doing. He never disappoints me!

Baby J even ate all of his dinner too! Can you believe it that he actually loves brussel sprouts!? I love that he is trying these foods at an early age and I hope he continues to eat well for his entire life.

Good night all!

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I ended the day with a nice slow run and a few minutes on the stair stepper at the gym last night. It helped my mood tremendously and I feel so much better today! Amazing what a good sweat can do for your body and soul!
The not so nice this was I ended up getting a blister on top of a healing blister – right on my left big toe! Luckily it doesn’t hurt but today I am going to go get fitted for running shoes – finally!
I also ended up watching a replay (a very old replay) of Ironman 2005. What an emotional journey those participants go through. I even recognized the oldest runner from my Runner’s World magazine, Ed Wolfgram. Wow – really puts things in perspective when a 25 year old is complaining about not wanting to do something! 😉

Well today really feels like fall! Cloudy, rainy, windy… I love it! Unfortunately I woke up at 5:30am and could not get back to sleep. I came downstairs and started reading Anthony Bourdain’s book Kitchen Confidential – I just love him! The only TV show I practically watch is No Reservations. His writing is humorous, true and un-censored – he writes it how it is!

After a chapter and making some coffee, which I didn’t drink, I tried to lay back down again. I woke back up at 7:30 when I heard Jordan stirring. I was exhausted still but glad I went back to bed.

I started to get very hungry so I made myself a VERY red Green Monster! Pretty, huh!?

Almond milk, Amazing Meal, strawberries, blueberries, peaches and half of an orange. Tasty!

Have an amazing day everyone!