A task for you!

Good afternoon!

Ok – so I am on a mission and need your help! I have been emailed a fair amount of questions and I think it’s about time to compose a FAQ page… but I need YOUR help! I already have a handful of questions but I would love to get some questions that you may have! I love hearing from my readers and I am sure there are some you have. Don’t be shy, ask away! If you don’t feel like posting them in the comment section then please email me directly. =)

I think it’s important for everyone to realize that I am a perfectly normal (for the most part! lol) individual that has struggles, weaknesses and up’s and downs just like everyone else! Often times our so called “blog life” can make us seem “perfect”… that is SOOO not the case!

So ask away! =)


1 thought on “A task for you!”

  1. Hi! I just started reading your blog tonight. So far I love it. I am beyond new to this Clean Eating thing. It was brought to my attn by another blogger who talked about reading "In Defense of Food". I just picked the book up yesterday and finished the intro earlier tonight. I am very interested in this. I think this is what I need. But to let you know what I am up against…I had chinese take out for dinner tonight, complete with 4 giant crab rangoons, for a snack I had about 5 oreos, and as I sit here after midnight I am drinking a coke. I won't even tell you about my lunch. I know how wrong it all is which is why I am looking into this. But I am TERRIFIED, to put it mildly of the changes. so any tips you can offer up for someone with zero diet and nutrition background would be most appreciated. What is the best way to start this lifestyle and how do you work it with a 3 year old (although he loves fruits and veggies so it shouldn't be too hard). Thanks again for your blog. I LOVE IT. and have subscribed. I think it is very inspiring.

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