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My forgetful mind!

Coffee anyone?


I posted three posts yesterday but in all of them I forgot to write my eats for the day. In fact, I forgot to take pictures of my lunch! Wait, what did I even have? I know I had some carrots… oh and some cheese and crackers. Boring.

I did have an amazing breakfast!


Some more oats with maple syrup, almond butter, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. Heaven in a bowl!

AND I finally went to the gym last night – it has been over 3 weeks! Yikes! After I came down with my cold, I really had no desire to workout. And it has taken this long for me to actually feel better… although I still have a stuff nose and a cough. It just keeps lingering and lingering!

When I went to donate my food items, I stopped at the store to pick up a few grocery items that we were missing – banana’s, spinach, potatoes… I have been out of spinach the past few days. Hence no Green Monsters! I missed them! So I had one after I came back from the gym. 🙂

DSC02910 DSC02909

Almond milk, frozen grapes, peaches, strawberries and mango, a half of a banana and a huge handful of spinach – Green Monster, how I missed thee!

And of course I am having another one for breakfast this morning… that reminds me. Off to make one!


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