Project Feed Me

Stuff the Truck – feed the hungry!

I decided today was a great day to donate my canned food items for Project Feed Me.


Last year, Brenden Foster’s story came on the local news and captivated me from the start. He was an average 11 year old boy, living anything shy an average life. He was suffering leukemia. And all he wanted was for hungry people to have a nice, warm meal.  He lost his battle with leukemia in December of 2008 but his presence and message are still alive and growing!

"It happens. It’s natural," he said. "I had a great time. And until my time comes, I’m going to keep having a great time." Brenden just had one dying wish: feed the homeless. "They’re probably starving, so give’em a chance," he said, "food and water."  – KOMO 4 News

Isn’t that amazing! So brave, so kind, so unselfish – it makes me tear up!

Last year and this year some of the local Fred Meyer’s hosted the Stuff the Truck drive. It has been all over the news, so J and I bundled up, grabbed my bag of collected food items and helped Brenden’s last wish come true – to feed the homeless.

This year the drive was able to over 46$ thousand dollars and 55,000 pounds of food! It’s amazing the kind of power we all can bring if we just work together and help out. 

We love you, Brenden and hope your wish will continue to help those in need for years to come!


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