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A little late… oops!

Hey guys! So yesterday was a little crazy AND I managed to fall asleep on the couch early, again! What is going on with me?! I was right in the middle of a post so I might as well finish it…


I woke up too early this yesterday morning. Errr…. correction. J woke me up too early. 6am on the dot. I still have no idea why he is waking up so early. Marc says it’s because of the time change. Could be, but it still sucks.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Last night The night before I decided to not hit the gym – my nose was running and I sneezed over 20 times yesterday the day before.

So this yesterday morning I checked out our On Demand and did the 30 Day Shred. It felt great! I haven’t done this is months! My legs were strong but my upper body is lacking – especially my shoulders.




I was feeling warm, a bit sweaty and great energy so I decided to check out the yoga section yoga. I found one for beginners, (Yoga virgin here!), said “Namaste” and started in. A big FAIL! I only did it for about 2 minutes and gave up. I kept having to look at the TV screen every two seconds, as soon as I was in a position she changed it and I just could not keep up. I was very disappointed :(  I have heard that a class is better for learning than doing it at home. My gym has some yoga classes and i might take them up on their offer – they come with my membership, anyway.

I made a shake after my little workout:


  • Almond milk
  • almond butter
  • spinach leaves
  • a half of an orange
  • strawberries
  • blueberries

After I showered, J and I went to Costco. The day started out sunny and nice BUT it eventually turned into rain AND HAIL again. One our way to Costco I drove through a cloud burst – it was raining SO hard! AND THEN I drove through a hail storm! I couldn’t see anything and there was an inch of hail stuck under the wipers when I got to Costco. I drove maybe a mile and then all of a sudden it just stopped. It was the strangest thing! I’m gald it stopped before we arrived because there was no way I was going to walk with J out in it.

We were only there for a little bit – I needed only a handful of items. After we got back home I was starving. And guess how the weather was now?! SUNNY! I couldn’t believe it! Seattle’s weather is crazy, I tell you!

I made myself a veggie burger – yum!


I piles on lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss cheese, avocado and salsa. It was messy but very filling!

I bought some avocados at Costco – they were on sale because they were VERY ripe. I was only able to salvage 2 out of the bag of five for eating. And what do you make with ripe avocados?



I just eyeballed some cilantro, onion, tomato, and mashed it all together with 3 large Hass avocados. Added a bunch of salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Holy Guacamole!


A perfect snack! And those flax and soy tortilla chips are a new favorite of mine! Trader Joe shoppers – check them out!

Marc and I did dinner sololy, yet together. He wanted left over tacos with guac, obviously, and I was craving sweets! So I made a piping hot bowl of oats with almond butter, honey, ( we are out of maple syrup – boo), dried cranberries, granola for crunch and cinnamon.


I ate as much as I could, half of the bowl. It was dense and filling! AND exactly what I wanted and needed! And like I mentioned earlier – I fell asleep at about 10, on the couch! I may have to switch my blogging time from late night to something a little earlier. I usually blog late at night after Marc has fallen asleep because it feels like “my time” and it’s a nice way to relax before bed.


J let me sleep in until 7 this morning! Thanks, J! The first thing I noticed when I rolled out of bed were my legs – they were burning! You know… the GOOD kind of burn. Jillian never fails me! It’s amazing how even a 25 minute workout can make you feel your muscles again.

I started off with some coffee and a shake.


If you have noticed I have stopped calling them Green Monster’s because… well… mine are never green. =)

It’s Saturday! What are your plans?


8 thoughts on “A little late… oops!

  1. Hello from a fellow Tasha!Well, Saturday for us is the start of the work week here in Saudi Arabia, so it is back to the daily grind. Our weekends are Thursday and Friday, so all of our fun is over! ;-)Definitely go to a yoga class for starting out with yoga. The teacher will be able to help you figure out how to move your body and will make yoga work for you! I love yoga but don't get to it nearly as much as I should.Ohhhh guacamole! I just added avocados to my shopping list because it has been WAY too long since I enjoyed a gigantic bowl of guac.

  2. Your food always looks so yummy! Like it could belong on a menu or restaurant ad. 🙂 Also, the 30-day Shred kicks arse and Namaste Yoga is one of the hardest Yoga's to follow. I tried it once and also gave up after a minute or two; they move too fast and rarely actually show the move.

  3. I had no idea Seattle weather was so random. Colorado weather is like that as well, we have a saying here, "If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes." Very true.Your burger looks fantastic, avocado makes everything better.

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