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Introvert style

Good evening!

Since Marc was having some boy time, I opted for a light “Tasha” kind of dinner… again. I think I see a pattern here as I had this last night for dinner, too. Why change a good thing, right?


  • vanilla Oikos
  • Puffins cereal (this stuff is HIGHLY addictive!)
  • granola
  • a half of an apple
  • almond butter

I haven’t been very creative today and my lack of wanting to cook has also come out – I hope it’s just a slump! I really do love cooking and creating in the kitchen but today I was not feeling it.

Jordan LOVES his food, too! He makes these noises all through his dinner – tonight he had brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes with cinnamon and in this video he was eating some organic vanilla cookies – he is so darn cute!

Remember this bad boy?


My Birthday cake! There is still over half of it left and it has been preserving in the freezer. Pumpkin ice cream – heck yes! And a nice cup of coffee to end the day right.


I flipped on the TV, snuggled into the couch corner and opened up my Runners World magazine. I found one of my favorite movies – Pink Floyd: The Wall. I am a HUGE Pink Floyd fan and this movie is no exception. BUT if you are not a Pink Floyd fan I don’t recommend it – it is not for the light at heart.

I was also skimming through my magazine and found these inspirational snippits that I just had to share.


I love the fact that he loves racing so he isn’t at the senior center!


And can you believe that he ran 50 miles in his DRESS SHOES!? Amazing! That’s what I call determination!

Those that have significant others, husbands, live in boyfriends/girlfriends… what do you tend to do when they are away that you usually wouldn’t when they are around?

I don’t watch massive amounts of TV, actually hardly ever, but I do take advantage when Marc is gone in the evening to find something that he wouldn’t normally watch. Of course since he is the man of the house, he gets the remote when he is home.Believe me, I am totally fine with that. I usually am reading, knitting or doing the dishes when he is watching TV. But I also take advantage of the peace and quite and listen to relaxing jazz and be perfectly content when he is gone. I feel most like myself when I am by myself, surrounded by the things in life that make me happy. I am an introvert and PROUD! Marc is the exact opposite and is a very boisterous extrovert. He helps me become more alive and I help him become more calm – it’s a good balance. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Introvert style

  1. Sounds like a great night alone. Although, I am sure you would have preferred him there, it is nice sometimes to be by yourself.I LOVE A BIG BOWL OF YOGURT MESS!

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