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Windows Live, here I come!

Hey all!

I just downloaded Windows Live and this is my first post on it! Not that I needed a new tool to learn and take up even MORE of my time… but I thought I would see if it would save me time in the long run.

Fridge clean – CHECK!

This is the before picture:


Too many things out of order. Everything was in the wrong place and spot and we couldn’t find anything! What a mess!

And this is after – muy bueno!


Organization… FINALLY!

It took me forever today to figure out what I wanted for lunch. I knew I was hungry yet I was too lazy to actually fix anything. PLUS I really had no clue as to what I wanted.

I ended up getting a tweet suggestion of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. And since I was out of ideas I went for it!


A nice hot mug of roasted tomato soup with fresh cracked black pepper.



  • sprouted bread
  • swiss cheese
  • pesto
  • tomato slices
  • spinach leaves

I only was able to eat half but it hit the spot! There is something about the goodness of melted cheese that does wonders! This is one of my reasons why I could become vegan. Ok, I know I COULD but I do love my cheese.

So I wanted to show you what a day in my house looks like: Can you find the toddler?!


Confession: I LOVE IT! I would take having a messy floor, littered with toys ANY day! Granted this is only the family room and the rest of the house is spotless, but I would never in a million years have my house so messy. Oh well – my little pumpkin is worth it!


And no, he hasn’t started walking yet but we have been practicing! He has taken 2-3 steps on his own! GO BABY J! I think he needs to understand that he CAN walk – he has the leg strength and has been standing and walking holding on to items for 4+ months now. And yes, I know once he does start to walk I will be looking at him and regretting it but it is only natural to want your child to succeed in life and over come obstacles!

OMG – I wanted to share this video of him eating. He makes the CUTEST noises when he is enjoying his food!



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