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Tissue please

Hi guys – Jordan and I are feeling under the weather today. 😦

He has a horrible runny nose and my throat and nose hurts, too. Ugh – the start of the cold season has finally nabbed us. But I have got to tell you, Baby J is a trooper! He is a tad clingy but he is still running, err crawling, around the house, jumping and yelling like he is perfectly normal. All I want to do is crawl in my bed with my PJ’s and take a snooze.

But this is making me feel better:

003 004

My first mug of hot cocoa of the season! Very chocolaty 🙂 But is it a crime that I only drink hot chocolate with water? I know it’s not as rich but I guess that’s what I am used to. Plus when I was younger I hated the smell and taste of warm milk – YUCK! I bet almond milk would taste heavenly, though!


Well tomorrow is Halloween! What are your big plans?

Since Baby J is sick, we will probably opt out on the kiddy Halloween parade in our neighborhood. The cold and wind could prolong his cold and I definitely don’t want that! With that being said, we will probably skip out on the trick – or – treating festivities, too. Marc is planning on going – he goes every year! He is such a big kid at heart 🙂 Everyone in the neighbor hood kind of expects him to go out so it is no surprise for them to get a knock at the door, seeing a 5’5” adult dressed as Barney Rubble!


What do you all think of giving non-candy treats away instead of candy? I recently read an article  on this very subject and I LOVE the idea of not giving candy out. In fact, as I can recall, I would have LOVED getting something other than candy – a toy, a pad of paper, a nick-knack… anything would have been great! A box of raisins… nah, I will pass.

With the children’s obesity rate growing year after year with no chance of it going back down, I am really surprised that there has not been more advertising for treats other than candy. However I cannot talk too much as there is a big bowl of sweets on top of the fridge… I plan on doing this next year, though.

Can you remember getting something besides candy? Is the idea of giving out something like a toy a concept that you would be willing to do?

Stay safe out there to all you party goers! I will be at home blowing my nose and taking vitamins. BOO


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