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Sweet dreams of deliciousness

For those that were able to stay home today due to Columbus Day, I hope you enjoyed your three day weekend! I actually didn’t even know that today was a national holiday until I went to the bank and noticed they were closed. Oh well…

Baby J let us sleep in until 7:30. He is going through another round of teething and his sleep schedule is completely out of whack. Today he only took one nap in the morning and pitched himself a fit this afternoon. BUT I did see some relief tonight while I was bathing him – the start of his seventh tooth! I don’t think it has popped the skin but it should tonight or tomorrow. We will all be in a better mood once this happens 🙂

I started my day off with a cup of coffee – it was FREEZING last night – toasted sprouted bread with CB’s PB and some water. I was planning on going to the gym so I wanted to be sure to get some fuel in me before I did.

As you may have remembered, last Saturday was our wedding anniversary. We b-lined it to Canada and in the commotion Marc forgot my card on his desk. I actually didn’t even know but as soon as I gave him his he remembered. I told him not to worry about it and he could give it to me when we got back home.
This morning he finally gave it to me, plus a bonus early birthday card. They made my heart melt! It was such a nice surprise this morning!

I ended up going to the gym rather late this morning. I warmed up and proceeded to start my usually running on the treadmill. I quickly noticed a sharp pain in my left knee. It was so bad that I couldn’t run but definitely discomfort. I kept running at a low pace thinking that maybe it would go away. After a mile it still was there. I didn’t want to aggravate it anymore so I hopped on the stairs instead. I felt great. No knee pain, and I could tell my running had strengthened my leg muscles. After 20 minutes I went back to the treadmill and ran another mile. Pain was much less but still was there.
Guys, I am nervous and scared. Just when I started to love running, something gets in the way. I hope some icing will help it… I don’t know what I did to it. It had felt fine all weekend long! Grrrr!

Overall I had a quick, but intense workout. I re-fueled with a Green Monster and some trail mix.

  • Almond Milk
  • Almond Butter
  • Spinach
  • peach
  • half orange
  • 5 strawberries
  • scoop of Amazing Grass

I jumped in a nice hot shower, got cleaned up and just relaxed the rest of the day! …. Well as much as I could. Jordan was extremely clingy and my uncle was working on our closet renovation so Jordan kept me busy by chasing him all around the house.
All of the running around make me hungry! Marc took over and let me enjoy my lunch of a cup of Annie’s Organic Tuscany Soup and a piece of French bread. Delish! Perfect for an Autumns afternoon.

Is it bad that I keep forgetting my birthday is tomorrow?
(well today, the 13th) Since Jordan’s is the 15th (OMG 2 MORE DAYS!!) all I can think about is his birthday. I used to be excited for my birthday but it’s hard to be excited when you can’t even remember it! Marc wants to make sure that we both have our special days. He kept coming up to me and wishing me a happy birthday all day today. 🙂 It was sweet! My mom is planning on coming down and having a nice lunch out.
I guess that’s what Mommy-hood does to us – always thinking about our children.

Dinner was spectacular! It doesn’t look like much but I was in heaven! Marc took over dinner duties tonight and pan seared some leg of lamb steaks and steamed brussel spouts. I watched with a glass of Merlot in hand. 🙂

I just love lamb. We had picked up a leg at the grocery store this weekend not really sure what to do with it. Marc started tenderizing it, cut it up into little steak bits, made an AMAZING marinade consisting of EVOO, fresh rosemary, spices, garlic and Merlot. A few hours later I was smelling and hearing the sizzling sound of this:

A few minutes later dinner was served!

Cooked to perfection! Very tender and moist and sooo delicious!
:clears throat:
Have I mention that Marc has a culinary degree and was an executive chef for 8 years?! Yup, I married a chef 🙂

For a little Thank You from me to him I made him fresh chocolate chip cookies.

I had 3.
OMG – they were melty, perfectly brown and so soft in the center. A perfect ending to a wonderful day!

Well, it’s already 12:30 am here in Seattle – officially my birthday! lol I was talking to my friend who lives in New York and we were joking that I was 26 in New York but still only 25 in Seattle. Talk about a time warp!

3 thoughts on “Sweet dreams of deliciousness

  1. Happy Birthday!! I totally understand about forgetting about it…its all about the little ones now:) For D's first birthday (last July) we got her a children's Bible. We knew her grandparents would over-buy for her, so we kept it simple. We too buy her anything she needs along the way. Do you have big plans for a party?!

  2. Happy birthday!!! and Happy Anniversary!!! My anniversary is tomorrow. 5 years!! How long for you? I am lost on what to do for my hubs. Did you do anything special for him? We are going out to eat and to watch some music in downtown Nashville but I wanted to surprise him with something and cant think of jack!!Anyway have a great day!~Justine

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