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Wednesday madness!

Happy Wednesday!
So today is not an average Wednesday – today is Raw Food Wednesday and Wish List Wednesday. No time to waste so here I go!

… I didn’t do Raw Food Wednesday. 😦 I just didn’t have time to prep or come up with a meal plan for the day. I was far too busy the past few days that I didn’t know what I was going to eat. Lame, I know. So today I prepped and planned for next week! 🙂 I went to my local bookstore and found this great cookbook – I can’t wait to dive into it!

Breakfast – I woke up starving! I made some coffee and proceeded to make a huge bowl of Chobani yogurt, vanilla almond granola, almond butter and a half of a honey crisp apple drizzled with honey. And don’t ask about the two spoons – I really have no idea why.

It really filled my belly!

I soon realized that after making Jordan’s breakfast that we were out of a lot of staple foods – nanner’s, spinach, soy milk, eggs… a trip to the grocery store was needed.
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE grocery shopping. It’s like a good therapy session for me. Plus – I love shopping with Jordan. I show him the produce, point out what I am going to buy, ask him for advice (lol) – he is my partner in crime!
I hadn’t eaten lunch prior to setting out so I grabbed an Odwalla Superfood drink and sipped as I shopped. I hate to admit it but this held me over until dinner at 5:30 – oops.

But I did replenish my trail mix jar and snacked on this while I was putting everything away…

And I was pleasantly surprised to see the latest edition of Cooking Light at the check out stand! I just love the recipes in this magazine and I especially need more ideas for fall type dishes. I will definitely be looking at this before bed tonight.

Marc and I made dinner together tonight, which was pleasant and over due. Although Jordan was being stubborn and only took a 30 minute nap today; he was very tired and clingy – poor thing.

On the menu were fresh made turkey burgers, steamed brussel sprouts and bok choy. Simple yet divine!

All I know is he adds Italian dressing, seasonings and a splash of Worcestershire. But don’t hold me to this – since he was an executive chef he just adds dashes of this and splashes of that; winging it as he works. I guess I do this too but it’s hard to keep track of what he is doing. He never disappoints me!

Baby J even ate all of his dinner too! Can you believe it that he actually loves brussel sprouts!? I love that he is trying these foods at an early age and I hope he continues to eat well for his entire life.

Good night all!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday madness!

  1. We did that in our spare room too and the futon added so much space! Everything isn't all crammed together anymore either. We actually found our futon on craigslist. It was only 6 months old and cost us only $100, it is in PERFECT condition and super comfy! Good luck!!

  2. Let me know how you like your new cookbook. I've heard great things about Ani! I just finished up that Cooking Light and I thought it had some great recipes this month. Can't wait to try them!Don't you just love the 30 minute nap?? Delaney went to Mother's Day Out yesterday and only slept for 15 minutes!!

  3. A greenhouse is a great idea! I'm about to plant my tomatoes this weekend (it's spring here) and I can't wait until they're ready to harvest, it'd be even better to have them year round.

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