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Just one of those days

It has not been a very good day today. My appetite has been tiny and my mind wondering all over the place.
I drank only 3/4 of my Green Monster this morning: half of an orange, Amazing Meal, 5 baby carrots, 4 frozen strawberries, a cup of blueberries, almond milk and almond butter.

Lunch looked and tasted amazing today but again, I only ended up eating half of my salad.

Fresh Romain and spring mix, topped with a whole tomatoe, fresh basil, a half of an avocado, salt & pepper, EVOO and a sprinkle of feta. It was very refreshing! I had a side of steamed edamame, POM juice and H2O.
Baby J and I had to run some errands at Target today. I really needed to get out of the house! And with it still being in the 80’s it was a beautiful day!

I ended up picking up the latest issue of Runners World.

I cant wait to read it later this evening after Baby J goes down for the night. By no means am I a runner – a very novice one at best. But I do love to learn and though this might shed some light into my new adventure!

And some more treats in the mail – I actually don’t subscribe this Martha Stewart magazine but for some reason I am receiving it.

I just love the pumpkins on the front – welcome Fall! I hope to get some relaxing “me time” in this evening. Go to the gym as this always makes me feel 100% better and some reflective time to read, journal or just be.

Jordan had a very tasty yet messy dinner tonight! Watermelon, a few organic crackers and a slice of whole wheat veggie pizza! Just look at his face! 😀

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