I love mail!

I am obsessed with getting the mail on a daily basis. Yes, I hate seeing bills and junk mail but I am pleasantly surprised to see an article in the mail that lights up my day.
Yesterday I was greeted by the newest edition of Cleanly Eating magazine!

This magazine has wonderful recipes and educational articles. And now that it is officially fall there are quite a few recipes with squash as the main ingredient. I just love squash! There is a very delicate spin on cranberry sauce that has pomegranates in it – yum! I might have to try this for Thanksgiving.

I have been feeling a little dehydrated the past few days, too. My hands are puffy and I have not been feeling well. I got out my Nalgene water bottle and filled it up with nice cold ice water. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon – 😦
I have always had a problem with not consuming enough water. It’s a horrible habit.

Seattle has been overly warm for it being the start of the fall season. Yesterday parts of it got up in the 90’s! This is practically unheard of this time of year. I know it wont be long before the rain comes again but I was hoping for some fall-ish weather.
I love wearing my scarves and I have a ton of them! I knit most of mine, too. I should go to the yarn store today and pick out a new fun yarn to add to my collection – not that I need more, though. 😉 I have a very bad habit of buying tons of unnecessary items when I go to craft store. :sigh: Oh well – I call it my “candy fix”! lol

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