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Clean Eating Sunday

Hello friends!

How was your weekend?

I want to start showcasing my daily clean eats as I receive so many requests to start sowing more of my meals. I do miss it! So it is a goal of mine that I am going to start blogging my food more to not only hold myself accountable but to also show you what my meals typically consist of!

My breakfast was black coffee from my french press and a delicious veggie egg white scramble with toasted sprouted bread.

photo 30

Sautee yellow onion + red bell pepper + mushrooms + fresh spinach in a small sauté pan until soft. Add 3 egg whites + salt & pepper to taste. Cook until eggs are fluffy! Serve with sprouted bread lightly toasted. Ezekiel is my favorite sprouted bread!

After I did some computer work, I went to store to pick up a few items for the US Soccer game this afternoon – what a game! Sad that we tied at the last 4 seconds but I’m hopeful that we will continue to advance!

I kept eyeing the new POM teas so I took the opportunity to finally try it!

photo 2

It was pretty good! A little sweet but good! I think the next time I will dilute it with home brewed green tea. 🙂 They have a peach flavor that I want to try so this will be a great opportunity to dilute it with tea!

I just LOVE snack plates, don’t you?!

photo 4

I kept it light and simple for lunch today as I watched the game – Trader Joes Hummus, Terra Veggie chips, cucumber slices, carrots and a Laughing Cow garlic wedge. I was in food heaven! These are my favorite kinds of meals!

After the game, Bubs and I packed up and went to the park for a few hours. He played in the water while I worked on my new E-Book! I am really excited about this one! I will talk more about it later! 😉

We were not super hungry after returning home so I made a creamy smoothie – it really hit the spot!


I blended a frozen banana, a cup of frozen blueberries, a teaspoon or so of peanut butter and almond milk. I added just enough almond milk to blend so it was super thick and rich! And just look at that color! Beautiful!

So tell me: did you watch the game? What did you nosh on while watching?


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