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Thanksgiving 2013

Hi friends! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I truly hope your Thanksgiving was as memorable and relaxed as mine this year!

photo 1ll

I started the morning with a hot French Press… I just love my black coffee!

After a relaxing morning, I took Lilly for a fast paced walk. It was such a beautiful day in Seattle!

photo 2hh

Remember: the small steps you take today will have a big impact tomorrow! Get out and start walking!

We didn’t feel like making a whole kitchen of food for the three of us, so we ended up cooking a roast all day in the crock pot. We cooked it with celery, carrots and onion in broth and water. Hubs woke up early and started it at 6:30! I woke up 7:30 to the smell of spices and broth – it was rather nice!

We literally sat on the couch and watched football all day long. No joke. Besides the walk and taking Jordan to the park, we were all couch bums all day long!

Along with the roast, I made Latkes, mashed potatoes and had a slice of Challah bread. Dinner was perfect! Simple and delicious!

photo 5jj

   photo 4jj 

It was so nice to not travel or go anywhere this year for Thanksgiving! No crazy traffic jams, no hurry, no fuss…

Jordan and I hope you had a wonderful day! ❤

me and bubs1

XxOo Tasha

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