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Letters to Santa


Yesterday, Jordan and I sat down to write a letter to Santa.


He printed the Dear Santa and his name at the bottom, and I tried my best to write down what he would like for Christmas (in my best little kid printing). He was so overjoyed! The sparkle in his eyes was so priceless. I kept looking at him in amazement as he was explaining what he would like to Christmas and he voice kept getting higher and higher as he became more and more excited.

As you can tell, I have a little artist on my hands: colored pencils, coloring pad, skeleton book, storybooks and all sorts of toys! He then added stickers to his perfect letter and we sealed it in an envelope.

letterHe put it in the mailbox, flipped the flag up and started jumping up and down with glee! We wished his letter safe travels to the North Pole!

I hope to continue this tradition for a few more years until he learns that Santa isn’t real. Until then, we will write a letter to Santa, seal it in an envelope and send them off!

(Of course I went and picked the letter from the mailbox that night. I am saving them until I feel it would be fun to read them with him again… maybe 20? The letters will stay sealed until that day comes… how fun that day will be!)

XxOo Tasha

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