90 day challenge

Meals – Day 10 Thursday!

Hey guys!

I am still going strong on my 90 Day Challenge! It has been an AMAZING experience! I haven’t been weighing myself as I do not have a scale at my home but my clothes are fitting and feeling much better!

I am still drinking a TON of water during the day – 2-3 liters, limiting my salt, eating NO processed foods and upping my protein and vegetable intake. My energy has been THROUGH THE ROOF, too!

My meals have been boring but satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all of my meals, but aesthetically they are boring. How many ways can you photograph oatmeal?! 😉

I made this shake yesterday, and again today. This has to be my FAVORITE shake to date!


I blended almond milk / water, frozen bananas, frozen mango, frozen orange juice concentrate and protein powder. It was thick and creamy! I was sad when I sipped the last little bit!

I also created this yummy owl of goodness!


I cooked red quinoa and mixed in some chickpeas and topped it with avocado, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. Really tasty!

Tonight was meal prep night!


I cooked off chicken breast, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and chopped cabbage for my salads. Remember: the key is PREPERATION! If you are not prepared, it is very difficult to succeed! This way you can grab and go!

There has been some major things happening to me lately. Not only am I more POSITIVE and HAPPY, I feel so HEALTHY right now! Like I mentioned above, my energy levels have increased, my bloat has disappeared and my cravings have completely stopped!

I get asked what this 90 Day Challenge entails. People think it’s only for weight loss or getting fit.

It is much more than that!

I have always been a happy person. But when you create a goal and work HARD towards it, your entire body goes into over drive and you start to SHINE! It’s REALLY AMAZING when you start to see subtle results! That’s the best!

Are you ready for YOUR own 90 day challenge? Hit the contact button above and reach out! What do you have to lose?!

Oh, and I was at Target the other night and I spotted these appliances. Yes… I want them ALL! 😀


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Meals – Day 7 Sunday

Hey guys!!!

How has your 90 day challenge been? Mine has been AMAZING!!! I have been adding my cardio and weights back into my plan and my energy has been THROUGH THE ROOF! I have not felt this good in a LOOOONG TIME!

My meals have really been quite the same so I wont be posting every single day (unless you want me to!). Instead, I was thinking of grouping them together in a few posts per week.

So here they are!!!

Breakfast has been my oatmeal with protein powder during the week – this has become my favorite way to start the day!


This morning I switched it up and had 2 egg whites + 1 whole egg, kale and asparagus. And topped with Cholula Hot Sauce! It was amazing!


Snacks have been fruit ( apples or banana usually ) with nuts if I feel I need the extra fat. Because I have been upping my protein, my cravings have disappeared and I stay fuller longer.


Lunch and Dinner has been about the same – I will alternate between shakes and salads. I buy a few produce items and eat them until they are gone. Then I will mix it up!


My salads have a mixture of veggies and protein – either beans or chicken. I love adding dried cranberries and feta to my salads for an added taste!

Left – romaine lettuce, red onion, shredded chicken (6 oz), cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, feta, olive oil and dried basil.
Middle – Cabbage ( I am addicted to cabbage! ), red onion, cucumber, avocado, shredded chicken (4 oz) and hot sauce.
Right – Sautéed kale (pre-cooked then cooled), brown rice, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, dried basil and cayenne pepper.


I also had sashimi one night! LOVE!!!


Left – Almond Milk/Water, frozen banana pieces, peaches, spinach and protein powder.
Middle – My “Love” Shake!! Almond Milk/Water, strawberries, protein powder and a scoop of cocao powder! This is my favorite!!!
Right – I had this shake after a workout. This was my love shake again!


And someone likes my shakes just as much as I do! 😉

My music has been ROCKIN at the gym! I get so fired up when I hear a great workout song! These have been getting me fired up!


And who has updated their iPhone? Do you love it or hate it?
I happen to LOVE the new ios7!!! It’s like getting a new phone without buying a new phone!


:Follow your dreams:


I took some time to focus on reflecting today. I was sitting by the fire, looking into the flames and really having a heart to heart chat with myself. I attended a training seminar this weekend and I have been HIGH on ENERGY since the training! It was such an amazing experience! I was able to hear so many successful stories about individuals who took action and CHANGED their lives, lost weight, became healthier and are now living a positive life! I also connected with so many positive leaders! Simply amazing!!

Since then I have been really digging deep and facing my fears, overcoming my own obstacles and recognizing my strengths. As a coach, I have to do this, too! – To become a better person, a stronger leader and to reconnect with my passions and dreams! – You have to ask yourself WHY every single day! WHY are you doing this?  WHY does this matter? WHY?

Why? I am so blessed to be apart of so many health and wellness transitions and I am so grateful for each and every individual that I have made contact with! YOU are my inspiration! This is what I was born to do – to help others change their life and help them become healthier, happier and more positive!

Have questions regarding my 90 day challenge? Leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you!!!

XxOo Tasha