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Whirlwind Monday! Food Journal

What a Monday! I usually enjoy my Monday’s but yesterday was a bit different! I will explain below…

AND I hope everyone had a fantastic and joyous weekend and Mother’s Day! It was a very busy weekend and I will post more on this later, too!

I started yesterday off with a HUGE smoothie!


It was so big that I had to put it in a bowl!


I blended up frozen grapes, strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 banana, mango, chia seeds, peanut butter, frozen OJ concentrate and water. That held me over for the entire morning!

At about noon we took Jordan to the ER… again. It’s been a crazy few days of ER visits for Jordan. He has pneumonia and then we noticed something else today. Life as a parent never ends! He is doing much better now, though!

I grabbed a KIND Bar on the way to the Hospital and ate it in the car.


We didn’t get home until about 3:30 that afternoon and I was craving something super healthy and raw. I made some veggie lettuce wraps and they really hit the spot!


I took some romaine leaves and topped them with avocado, cucumber sticks, shredded carrots, black pepper, salsa and lime juice. I also had a side of cilantro/jalapeno hummus to dip them in.


I was pretty exhausted at about 5PM and I needed a warm pick me up… come on coffee!


It was a simple Americano with some soy. I wish Starbucks would start serving almond milk as an option. I went to Tully’s and they serve almond milk! I was so happy when I learned this!

I definitely needed the coffee as I did my paperwork.


I started to get a bit hungry but I only felt like having snacky type foods. Quinoa chips and a string cheese really hit the spot!



I worked until 11 PM or so and headed to bed – I started to not feel very well and I still am not feeling great today. Hoping it will go away soon!



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