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Embrace life!

Hey all! Happy weekend!


With the recent tragedies this week, both in Boston and Texas, I wanted to take a minute and bring a positive spin and perspective to the table. It’s obvious to see that the world is a cruel place. There is no reason for death and sadness and it creates fear and unanswered questions in the victims and those closest to them. With no real reason and answer, the innocent are effected, scarring them for eternity. This is why it is crucial to be living your life the best you can!

Embrace life! Enjoy the small things and take care of your own. Do what makes YOU happy! If you have options or choices, make wise ones that make your heart and soul sing! Because there is no guarantee that you will be around to see tomorrow.

When I talk to my coaching patients, we touch on the past but we GROW the future! I help people bring positive awareness to each and every day! To help them look beyond the limits! This is what life is about – to channel your inner happiness and use it every single day!

We also need to be aware of the foods we are consuming and listen to our cravings and the reaction we get from the foods we eat. I have been loving and craving my green smoothies! I just cannot get enough of them!


Frozen bananas, strawberries, mango, chia seeds, kale, spinach dates, oranges, cherries… anything and everything goes into my blender to create a nutrient dense smoothie that feeds my soul and body.

Breakfast this morning was a delicious bowl of cut melon with Greek yogurt and a few almonds. I also toasted up a piece of Maninins gluten free bread and spread some fresh avocado with fresh cracked pepper on top. Beautiful!


I am getting ready to go to Portland this afternoon so I have been cleaning and packing – I am gone through Monday.

I also snacked on some roasted almonds throughout the morning and then made myself a smoothie for lunch.



This bad boy had orange juice, strawberries, frozen banana, frozen mango, water, spinach and 3 dates. So good!

Off and running! Stay healthy my friends!


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