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Friday love!

I had one of the best Friday’s in a long time! Checked off most of my to-do list but it was just a really relaxing day overall!

I started off by taking Jordan to his new pre-school. I am going to be staying home and working from home in the next few weeks and I needed to find a school that was closer to my home. This one is only about a mile away and is a lot more structured than his previous one. He is in the pre-kindergarten class which is teaching him skills he needs before the big day when he starts Kindergarten! He still has a bit more time, though. He is an October baby (like me!) and he has to be 5 in order to start Kindergarten. He will have to wait until he is almost 6 before he starts Kindergarten.

We dropped him off today as a trial day just to see how well he adjusts and to see if he enjoys his teacher, his new friends and the new school. I cannot believe how big my baby boy is getting! I am so proud of him and the big boy he is becoming. He amazes me every single day!

After spending some time at his school, I came back home, grabbed Lilly and went for a relaxing morning jog.

I really enjoy having a running partner as a pooch! It gets her out for some much needed exercise and it makes me feel a bit safer, too! My running trail has some pretty dense wooded areas and sometimes I feel a bit uneasy if I am running all by myself. Nothing has ever happened on this trail but you just cannot be too careful these days.

After our run, I had to get a few items at the store… just some random things. I have been looking for a new purse for a few months now and just was not finding what I really wanted. Until today.


As soon as I saw those spring colored stripes I was in love! As you can see, my purse was pretty much overloaded and overflowing. When I arrived back home I started emptying out my purse. Man, there was A LOT of stuff in it!


Gum, lotion and body spray, spirillina tablets, tea bags, random paperwork, toothbrush + toothpaste + mouthwash, lip glosses, two pairs of glasses, teeth bleaching kit, pens, a ton of hair ties, Jordan’s hat, an oyster shell… Ok, so the oyster shell I kept because it was in the shape of a heart and it was from a date night that Marc and I went on a few years ago. I love keeping mementos like these!


Much better!

I quickly made myself some lunch. I wasn’t really in the mood to cook anything and so I found a package of Asian noodles that I received as a sample from VegFest. Really great ingredients, vegan, and simple! AND it tasted great! Not something I would pick as an everyday food but it definitely hit the spot! I also added a spoonful of peanut butter for some protein and flavor.


Then it was house cleaning time! It’s not completely done but who am I kidding… is house work really ever done?!

In the mix of vacuuming and dusting there was a snack involved… coffee and a bit size Lara Bar.


After I picked Jordan up from school we were off to a doctor appointment to have his ears looked at. He is a very loud talker so we wanted to make sure he was not having any issues with his hearing. Unfortunately he does have a small ear infection but nothing a little antibiotic cant help! He was such a good boy at the doctor that he got his special treat dinner at Red Robin. A corn dog, of course.


He loves Red Robin so I only take him once a month at the most. Usually on these kinds of nights I let him splurge a little.

I had their bruschetta burger with a garden burger instead of chicken and some sweet potatoe fries. I, however, always find Red Robin to be a disappointment. Flavor and freshness is severely lacking.


Then after we got home and settled, Jordan and I played an intense game of Go Fish.




A very nice day, I must say! Not too much going on this weekend either. I am still creating my Get Sexy for Summer Detox Plan… so stay tuned for that!

And with that I am out of here! Goodnight! 


         tasha     \   

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