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A food blogger weekend!

What a busy weekend I had! Both Saturday and Sunday were PACKED with foodie events! And both days I had company from my best friend, Ashley. We used to work together last year and since we both moved careers we only see each other on occasion. It was really nice spending some time with her again!

We met at Whole Foods for some breakfast and coffee. I love their oatmeal bar and I picked out a package of chopped mango and strawberries.


After a glorious time catching up on life, we walked around a bit. They were having their Eggstravaganza Event which I was invited to. They featured some delicious egg recipes and dishes and had some great Easter displays! I am posting an Easter recipe post soon that will be showcasing some great Easter dishes!



IMG_1411  IMG_1412    IMG_1413 IMG_1414  

I also picked up some things as we were walking around…


Coconut water, Lara Bars, Vega mix, Almonds, Hemp Hearts, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, Garbage Bags and some Odwalla Juice. I also picked up a dry brush. I have always wanted to dry brush – it’s great for circulation and eliminating toxins out of your body.


After my Whole Foods outing, Marc and I had a wonderful sushi lunch at a local sushi joint. We shared a delicious roll and I nibbled on a seaweed salad.


And a little soy fro-yo for dessert! Topped with coconut, mini chocolate chips and strawberries. 🙂


The weather had a sudden shift from the day before and it ended up being a gorgeous day! A drive to Seattle was much needed!


The night ended with some dart throwing, bud light drinking and some March Madness watching!



Today was VegFest! And man, did I get some great veg-tastic treats! Ashley and I spent a good hour walking around, filling our bellies with eats and treats!



 IMG_1436 IMG_1437  IMG_1440 IMG_1442


There were a TON of people there! It was very difficult walking around and actually enjoying the festival. After about an hour I needed some coffee so we headed out and went to a local coffee place called Cafe Vita. I was familiar with it but never had been inside the shop. Nice and quiet after such an over packed festival!



I ordered an Americano. It was an excellent cup of coffee!


I ended up grabbing a pound to take home… French Press love!


It was a really nice day today, too! Not to cold… and it was really fun driving around the streets in her new Mini! I love Mini’s!

IMG_1446  IMG_1444     


What a weekend! A lot of fun and very busy! But I do enjoy a good jam packed couple of days! Especially when it ends with a bag of goodies like this!


SOOO much good stuff!!! I will have a ton of product reviews coming up!!!

My day ended with some spoonfuls of this AMAZING stuff! Good night! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

 IMG_1463   IMG_1466 


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