Mind and Body

My 90 Day Challenge!

Hello loves!

I have been asked by some of you what this 90 Day Challenge is that I have been talking about.

I am always looking for challenges to join to not only challenge my body, but to challenge my mind. I also think joining a challenge where you have amazing support helps your weight loss and health goals. AND challenging yourself is FUN! It really is! It gets you motivated to work out, to eat better and to see the end result!

There are few things that I am doing during this challenge:

  • Meal Replacements

I am replacing 2 meals a day with a shake or a smoothie. Then eating a normal meal and incorporating healthy and clean snacks in between. I am not dieting or restricting… I am simply replacing a meal with a shake. These shakes have the essential nutrients, fiber, protein and vitamins that I would normally consume… and probably EVEN MORE! Let me just say for the record… I was not happy with my eating habits. Too many carbs and sugar and not enough raw foods. I am adding a shake powder that I LOVE to my shakes and smoothies, too.

Check out my Be My Valentine shakethis shake is AMAZING!

valentines shake

  • Water

I am consuming 2 liters of water per day! I retain water and hold sodium so I am pushing the liquids!


  • Gym Time!

I finally found a great gym to join and I am starting to run and lift again. It makes me feel amazing!


  • Supporting My Team!

I have recruited some friends and family members to join this challenge with me and we are such a huge support team for each other! Texting encouraging messages, sending emails, checking in on Facebook and hosting challenge parties! It’s great for those that need that accountability to push through! Plus, we are ALL losing weight, gaining muscles and feeling amazing!

So that is my 90 Day Challenge! Do you have 90 days? If so, contact me! I would love to give you some more information on this AMAZING and EFFECTIVE challenge!!!

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!

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