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twitter1Hi! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my Health & Wellness Coaching page! I am VERY excited to offer you my Health & Wellness Coaching services! My approach to Health & Wellness Coaching is a bit different and unique then your typical Health Coaching. But let me help you better understand why you might need a Health Coach!

A coach is a person that supports you NO MATTER WHAT! A person that you can ALWAYS rely on to help you through the tough times, to push you through hurdles, give you tools to succeed and to CELEBRATE with you at the finish line! Coaching is POSITIVE! Coaching is FUN! And coaching is LIFE CHANGING!

So what makes my coaching different? I have developed my coaching sessions around personal experiences. A deep rooted personal trauma that stemmed way back to when I was an over weight child. I had to struggle on my own, make decisions on my own and to help myself through those bad days. I was alone. Battling self esteem issues, food disorders and not enjoying life. I know where my clients are coming from and the pain they are in. They may not show it on the outside but it’s there holding them back from positive change.

I knew I always wanted to help people. Even though I was going through pain, I never wanted anyone else to feel what I was feeling. Now that I have talked to numerous people about their self esteem and health goals, it became very apparent that 9 out of 10 people are UNHAPPY. Unhappy with our appearance, our health, our fitness level and our entire outlook on the food we consume.

It’s time to make a change.

My coaching is unique because YOU are unique. But there are a few things that as humans we need to accomplish our goals.

  • being held accountable
  • motivation
  • support
  • tools

But you know what I think is the MOST important? Building a trusting relationship! To have a genuine connection! You are sharing your LIFE with me and I hope you expect that these coaching sessions are more then just a one hour session. You have the option to have unlimited email connection, texting options and smaller phone sessions in between your scheduled sessions, just as long as you are an active client of mine! Why? Because I too have gone to coaching and therapy and that connection was always missing. I would talk to this stranger for an hour every week and I felt as though I was just another 60 minutes of their time.

My coaching sessions are tailored to fit your needs. However, there will be more then just analyzing what you eat. I want to help you repair and build your confidence and self worth. To find your struggles and weaknesses and help you become stronger!

Is coaching right for you? Well let me outline what my coaching DOES NOT DO.

  • specific health concerns
  • medical advice
  • specific diet meal planning – I have knowledge in raw, vegan, vegetarian but my approach is eating as close to the Earth as possible. Very clean, balanced eating.

I am NOT going to fix your problems. But I will HELP you find your inner passion, motivation and focus on your health and wellness goals!

Contact me TODAY to find out if I am the right coach for you! I offer phone sessions 7 days a week with session times before work, after work and times in between. You could have your coaching session during your one hour commute to or from work!

You owe it to yourself. You don’t have to feel alone! I will be there with you every step of the way!

1 hour phone sessions start at $40 – which include motivational check up texts, check up emails and 1 emergency 15 minute call in between your scheduled sessions.

Monthly Special! Purchase a package of 3 sessions ($120) and receive 1 session complimentary! (A $40 savings!)

Email sessions (up to once daily) is $60 per month – this is less invasive and allows you to write me at will. Sometimes it’s better for a client to have control of their time and this allows flexibility.  Also, sometimes all that a client may need is to write their feelings in order to help clear their mind! I will provide feed back and may suggest a phone session if I feel you would benefit from it.

Texting sessions are $30 per month – I text supportive and motivational texts to help encourage you! Daily affirmations, support and guidance. If I find you would benefit a phone session I will discuss the option with you.

Please email me if you feel I can help you!

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!

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