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Your perfect day! An exercise to help make your dreams come true!

Happy Saturday night! I am a little late for today’s affirmation… but there is no better time for a daily affirmation! Affirmation’s can happen any time during the day or night – there is no rule on this! I tend to write my daily affirmation’s in the morning since I am in reflecting mode then. Coffee, pen, paper… I feel confident, powerful and ready to tackle anything!

But the night is also a powerful time for me. The world becomes calm, the light becomes dim and I start to unwind. I can sit and visualize without the added pressure that I should be doing something else; like laundry, feeding my child, errands and so on. This is my time. And I LOVE my time!

I have a little exercise that I want you to do. It can take as little time as you like, or as long as you want it to last. I want you to visualize your perfect day. Money and obstacles do not matter – everything is YOURS to visualize!

Now take that visual and write it down.

It can start from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Write anything and everything down – silly, serious… this is YOUR DAY! Write what you want to see or have. A beautiful home, a beautiful family, a rewarding career… ENDLESS opportunities!

If you are having a tough time visualizing your perfect day just start writing things down that you love and what you enjoy doing. What makes you smile and what makes you go that extra mile. Chances are it might be to spend more time with your family, take that hobby and turn it into a career, or maybe you are picturing yourself on a warm sandy beach smelling the salt water. Whatever those thoughts and dreams are write them down!

Here is a little glimpse in what my perfect day would be like:

I would wake up, start a cup of coffee, kiss my sleeping little boy on the cheek and sit to write out my goals for that day. I would take this time to feel centered, grounded and charged for the day! I’ll practice yoga, go for a run or maybe take a nice walk. I will use this time to prep myself for the day that I am starting!

I am successful and happy with the career I have. I am working for myself, making my own schedule and allowing me both freedom with my chosen career and having a wonderful work/life balance. My career will be based around helping others – life coaching, personal training, nutritional counseling, etc. I want people to look up to me, trust me, confide in me and look at me as a leader. I want to be able to teach people and help mold them into the person they want to be.

I will also be financially stable and sound. This DOES NOT mean I want to be a millionaire… this means that I feel confident in my financial situation presently while knowing I am paving the way for my future. Sending Jordan to college, buying a home, becoming debt free… while still maintaining a sense of freedom knowing that when I go to store my debit card will always work, my bills are paid on time and that I have enough funds to put in a savings account.

Most importantly, I love myself and who I am. I am PROUD of who I have become. I am proud that I have made my own dreams come true by not giving up, staying strong and following my heart and passion. I am a strong leader, a loving mom, a compassionate wife and a dependable friend. When I close my laptop for the night and finally lay my head down I know that I have just lived and created a wonderful day for myself. I am confident that the choices I chose where the right ones for me.

That would be my perfect day.

The next step is look at this and start putting them into action. What are the steps that I need to take in order for me to have this perfect day… or a day that is pretty darn close. 

But you might say… well my perfect day is me being a ninja, battling villains and being a super hero!? You know what? That is amazing!! You should never dismiss your dreams, EVER! They may just need to be looked at in a different way.

So you see yourself being someone that people look to for help. You are helping keep people safe on a daily basis. Maybe your dreams say Ninja or Super Hero but when you visualize you might see yourself being a police officer or going into the military.

It’s perfectly normal to have amazing dreams! But if they are truly not realistic then start to analyze why you want to be that way and go from there!

Still need help? Let me guide you! I am offering coaching sessions (by popular demand!) to help you sort your dreams, give you tools to work with and allow you to be the best YOU can be!

Please send me an email and I would love to chat!

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!

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