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:Sharing the Love: {July 29th, 2012}

Where is the summer going?! These weeks just seem to fly by! And for those that are living in Seattle the number 1 question has been “What Summer?!”. I have been loving the cooler weather temps. If it would stay 70 degrees all year long, with a few rainy days mixed in, I would such a happy person. Maybe that is why I love it here…
Here are some links, recipes and products that I have been loving – Enjoy!
{recipe} Do you know what this is?

soft serve


em Meet Em. She is the amazing author behind The Rawsome Vegan Life. I have been following her blog and recipes for a while now and I just love them. I can sit and browse her site for hours! Oh, and did I mention that she is only 18? Ya – she’s a raw dilly barsrockstar! With recipes like her raw Dilly bars and Lavendar and Lemon “Cheesecake, there is something to please any vegan and non vegan eater. Go show Em some love! She can be found on her blog, facebook page & twitter.
Aeropress claims to make the world’s smoothest, richest brew. And folks let me tell you… it does!DSC05309 
I have used and own many coffee making devices. I currently have: a drip coffee maker, a French press, a Keurig and an espresso machine. All of which are hiding in the back of a closet. Why? Because nothing tastes as good as my Aeropress. I did a full review a few years back (here – I have since bought a metal filter). It’s a rather odd looking piece of plastic. It’s not that pretty to look at but it’s not about what is on the outside… it’s what’s in the inside; which is coffee… in my mug! And it is great for travel – I never leave home without it. All you need is hot water and coffee and you have fresh coffee!
The down side to this little gem is it is very difficult to make coffee for several people. Hence why I still have my other coffee makers on hand.
Seriuosly guys, for those that take their coffee seriously, you NEED to check this out. In fact, you are ALL invited over to my house for a coffee tasting! I guarantee you will fall in love with coffee all over again!
{blog} ROOSTroostleft
Roost is a beautiful site documenting the life and recipes of Caitlin.  I found her blog when she was living here in Seattle. She currently lives in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama where she is currently working on a cookbook. Caitlin is an amazing photographer and writer – these are the elements that attracted me to her blog from the start. Her pictures really do capture a thousand words… it makes you feel as though you are right there with her. She also creates delicious recipes focusing on whole foods and eliminating processed white flour and sugar. I made her Lentil Cakes and they were out of this world good. She can also be found on twitter and in numerous publications.

Easy raw food storage – tips on how to make your produce last longer!

As always, I was not paid for these reviews. They are my honest opinions. If you have a product or blog that you find amazing, you can leave a comment or shoot me an email. If you are a company that wants me to try your product, email me!


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