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{Sharing the Love} 8.16.13

Happy Friday!

I have been spotting some AMAZING thinks all over the internet the past few weeks! From beautiful decor on Fab., new raw food blogs and vegan recipes, this Sharing the Love post is just gushing at the seams!

{ Avocado, Coconut & Lime Frozen Pops – by 17Apart }

Avocado Lime and Coconut Freezer Pops

{ Carrots with Black Sesame + Ginger – from Goop }

{ Why keeping a gratitude journal is important – Early to Rise }


{ I am obsessed with Fab. and the Fab. iPhone app }


pillows { pillows }

fab rug 
{ Woven ZIg Zag Rug }

fab tote { Canvas Tote }

Seriously, Fab. has amazing stuff!

{ The Raw Food Family Blog }


{ Raw Tacos – Raw Food for Truth }

raw tacos

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:Sharing the Love: {July 29th, 2012}

Where is the summer going?! These weeks just seem to fly by! And for those that are living in Seattle the number 1 question has been “What Summer?!”. I have been loving the cooler weather temps. If it would stay 70 degrees all year long, with a few rainy days mixed in, I would such a happy person. Maybe that is why I love it here…
Here are some links, recipes and products that I have been loving – Enjoy!
{recipe} Do you know what this is?

soft serve


em Meet Em. She is the amazing author behind The Rawsome Vegan Life. I have been following her blog and recipes for a while now and I just love them. I can sit and browse her site for hours! Oh, and did I mention that she is only 18? Ya – she’s a raw dilly barsrockstar! With recipes like her raw Dilly bars and Lavendar and Lemon “Cheesecake, there is something to please any vegan and non vegan eater. Go show Em some love! She can be found on her blog, facebook page & twitter.
Aeropress claims to make the world’s smoothest, richest brew. And folks let me tell you… it does!DSC05309 
I have used and own many coffee making devices. I currently have: a drip coffee maker, a French press, a Keurig and an espresso machine. All of which are hiding in the back of a closet. Why? Because nothing tastes as good as my Aeropress. I did a full review a few years back (here – I have since bought a metal filter). It’s a rather odd looking piece of plastic. It’s not that pretty to look at but it’s not about what is on the outside… it’s what’s in the inside; which is coffee… in my mug! And it is great for travel – I never leave home without it. All you need is hot water and coffee and you have fresh coffee!
The down side to this little gem is it is very difficult to make coffee for several people. Hence why I still have my other coffee makers on hand.
Seriuosly guys, for those that take their coffee seriously, you NEED to check this out. In fact, you are ALL invited over to my house for a coffee tasting! I guarantee you will fall in love with coffee all over again!
{blog} ROOSTroostleft
Roost is a beautiful site documenting the life and recipes of Caitlin.  I found her blog when she was living here in Seattle. She currently lives in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama where she is currently working on a cookbook. Caitlin is an amazing photographer and writer – these are the elements that attracted me to her blog from the start. Her pictures really do capture a thousand words… it makes you feel as though you are right there with her. She also creates delicious recipes focusing on whole foods and eliminating processed white flour and sugar. I made her Lentil Cakes and they were out of this world good. She can also be found on twitter and in numerous publications.

Easy raw food storage – tips on how to make your produce last longer!

As always, I was not paid for these reviews. They are my honest opinions. If you have a product or blog that you find amazing, you can leave a comment or shoot me an email. If you are a company that wants me to try your product, email me!


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:Sharing the Love: {July 23rd 2012}

Hey guys! One of the things that I love the most about the food blog communities on the net are the hundreds of new items we get to see on a daily basis. Whether that be food items, exercise reviews, kitchen tools or just really cool websites to check out. Sharing is caring, as Jordan would say.

Here are some items and websites that I am currently loving – enjoy!

 :ice water in mason jars:


RECIPE :Cinnamon Vanilla Sunflower Butter by 101 Cookbooks:

:Lisa Congdon:


I cannot say enough good things about Lisa. Her art, her talent, her personality, her compassion… I have been following Lisa for several years now – when she used to blog at A Bird in the Hand (no longer active). Since then, she has developed into this amazing illustrator and artist. I admired her work before and she still continues to amazing me every single day. You can view her new blog, today is going to be awesome. She has her own personal website that has numerous links to her work, interviews and information. If you want to check out how and where you can purchase her prints, here is a list of shops she works with. I have several pieces that I have been eyeing and been wanting to purchase. I think it’s safe to say I would have a house full of her artwork… and I just may one day.

:wild flowers found on our walks:


BLOG :iheartwellness:

iheartwellnessI have been a follower of Kris Britton’s blog iheartwellness for some time now. She lives in the beautiful PacificNorthWest in Vancouver Canada (we are both PNW chicks!) Her passion is focused around positive life changes, achieving your goals and becoming more self aware of who and what you are and what you want to become… something that I have desperately needed to start implementing into my own life. She blogs about her life, her food allergies, her workout routines (she has an amazing physique) and her thoughts on becoming a better individual. She also offers life coaching sessions for those that are ready for a change. She is always doing something amazing and positive. You can find her on her blog, her youtube channel, facebook and twitter. Check her out!

:eating melon:


:glasses and scarves:


 :Milk and Honey:

milk and honey

Milk and Honey create fabulous gifts with a French charm. They create bags, household items…. but what drew me in to their shop were these hand stamped utensils. These would make great gifts for birthdays, weddings… or a special gift for you! I am loving the I :heart: coffee spoon


:Two Moms in the Raw:


Two Moms in the Raw is a Colorado based company created by two moms, Shari and Marsha. They make organic, kosher, gluten free and vegan granola bars, nut bars, sea cracker, truffles and cereals. You can view their entire line here
I was driving up to my mom’s house one day and Jordan had to use the little boys room. I stopped in at a Starbucks as I wanted a little snack, too. I saw a blueberry bar by Two Moms in the Raw. The bar was amazing! Not too sweet, super filling and satisfying. I paired it with a piece of fruit for a light lunch. I can’t wait to try more of their products!

This song has been on repeat for the past 2 weeks. I am completely in love with it. :

As always, I was not paid for these reviews. They are my honest opinions. If you have a product or blog that you find amazing, you can leave a comment or shoot me an email. If you are a company that wants me to try their product, email me!


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Sharing the love

What a great week and weekend! I am hoping you all were able to get some Vitamin D and spend time with loved ones… and eat some amazing food! My favorite part? I dug in to some super sweet watermelon! I forgot how much watermelon represents summer.

Along with local farm stands…

summerjordan2 summer6summerjordan4
I wanted to share some wonderful blogs and articles that I have been reading lately. I have been obsessively reading blogs that represent farm life, country living and sustainable living.

Katie Noonan Portrait First mention is 17Apart. 17Apart is written by Mary and Tim. Their blog is about living, eating and loving… all while keeping it healthy, sustainable and rustic. 17Apart stands for the number of years between Mary and Tim. Mary also works for Etsy and Tim is the creator of his own food blog called E.A.T. You can read all about them here. And yes, I have spent hours on their blogs looking at beautiful photography, learning new tricks and reading all about their life. Something about Mary and Tim is very comforting. Like I have known them for years… They also have an adorable pooch named Basil. 

goinghometoroostSecond mention is Going Home to Roost. Bonnie is the creative mastermind behind this resourceful and elegant blog… she’s  a vegan (YAY!), loves the out doors and understands the importance of living wholesomely. She blogs about DIY projects, recipes that are good for your soul and for the planet, and pictures of her little world. She lives in Southern California with her husband and pooch. And her house? It’s darling! Just look at it! Can I move there? Please?

molly MommyCoddle, otherwise know as Molly, lives, writes, cooks, raises kiddos (4!) and home schools on a farm in Maryland. And I have been reading her blog for over a week now and I am completely in love with her life. Chickens? Gardens? Farm house? Yes! Yes! And YES! I have been living vicariously through her photos and words. She is a SuperMom, in my book. Setting a new standard to living, learning and loving.  



Other blogs I am currently loving:

Wood & Grain
The Fancy Farm Girl
Bonzai Aphrodite
Sprouted Kitchen

And that is it for now! I LOVE sharing blogs and links that I am currently enjoying! I will start doing this on a weekly basis for you all. If you have a blog or website that you are currently loving, please share in the comment section! I love getting inspiration from all over the web!

(the mentioned blogs did not ask me or pay me to write about them or to link to them. I genuinely love their websites!)