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Food Journal

Since I have been back on my raw food journey again, also known as my 80/20 plan (80% raw/20%cooked vegan), my main goal is to always share my eats with all of you. I want to share with you for a couple of reasons:

ONE: It helps me create beautiful dishes and helps me stay on track during this transition period. I still get cravings here and there, especially if I am over hungry or stressed, for processed sugars and comfort foods. When I create a meal I not only want it to taste amazing, I want it to look amazing, too. Especially if I am going to be taking a photo, editing and sharing with all of you! It helps me become creative with my ingredients and create meals for me, my family, friends and YOU.

TWO: I receive a lot of questions asking me what I eat and what I recommend for others to eat. I think there is a lot of misconception between eating a cleaner lifestyle and having to make complex meals all of the time. Simple is better! Yesterday, for example, I ate carrots and celery with almond butter for breakfast. It’s perfectly acceptable to NOT eat a traditional eggs, bacon and toast breakfast. In fact, I encourage you to NOT do this. Feed yourself with whole foods – your body will thank you!




2 grapefruit + 3 carrots + 5 kale leaves + 1 orange + 1 apple




breakfast fruit1

sliced grapefruit with coconut shreds + apple with almond butter + nectarine


carrot + celery sticks with almond butter



another batch of RAW CCB’s
dates + almond butter + coconut oil + toasted coconut + cocoa powder



Huge salads with roasted beets, fresh vegetables, avocado and veggie patties

This veggie patty is from Trader Joes – it’s a potato curry patty. It’s amazing! I stick it under the broiler so it gets nice and crunchy!


Homemade white bean chili

Raw Kale Salad

healing soup1 
Healing Vegetable Soup

There are a few dishes that I will be posting recipes for this coming week. But as you can see it really is quite simple and delicious to eat a vegan and raw lifestyle. It just takes a little time, patience and some thinking outside of the Western Diet box. It’s also about creating better food habits. We are so used to pulling up to the fast food drive-though when we are hungry, instead we should be walking to the farmer’s market and buying fresh, local, wholesome food.

If anyone has any questions regarding my diet and the foods I eat, you can clink on the LINK to this page below OR you can always email me.

Healthy Eating!


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