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Rays + Raw Zucchini Pasta + Healthy Women Healthy World

Wednesday – the only day out of the week that will produce rays of sun in Seattle.

Ok – I don’t hate the sun. I just don’t like to be overly hot. And I really do prefer cloudy days over bright, sunny days. But it is rather nice to go for a walk in something other than drizzle…


Day 3 of my 80/20 went rather well. I have one problem that I need to change – I don’t eat breakfast. Then I get so hungry that I start to feel sick. This is exactly what happened yesterday. I had to run to Costco to pick up some produce and I stopped by Emerald City Smoothie for a quick meal. I chose the Vega Protein Shake. Berries + Vega Protein powder. It was good but so sweet. It tasted like bubble gum. I usually get the tropical blend with PB… yum!


After my errand running, I came home and devoured an entire avocado. I love avocado.


I spiralized a zucchini and made homemade vegetable ragu to put on top.



Now that I have eliminated gluten out of my diet, my stomach bloat has been gone. Now for those that have not incorporated a raw diet or for those that are wanting to, you will experience one thing for about a week or so… and it’s called gas. Yes… I said it. And the reason behind this is that vegetables are full of fiber. When you switch over from a very Western American diet sometimes gas can be a side effect. It shouldn’t last to long and there are ways that you can help your body along. Here is a great article that explains why this happens and how you can prevent it.  http://radiantonraw.typepad.com/alina/2008/09/are-raw-foods-making-you-gassy.html


I forgot how simple and amazing zucchini noodles are. This entire dish was so comforting and healthy – half raw and half cooked.

I will be posting the recipe soon! You can find the recipe here!



I also wanted to announce that I will be attending the Healthy Women Healthy World event in Seattle next month. healthy women

Healthy Women Healthy World is a conference with one goal in mind: help women feel and be healthy! Cletus Coffey is the founder of HWHW. His passion and drive makes him stand above the rest and will help this event be successful for many years to come. This is the first HWHW conference with hopes to take this country wide to other cities.

What sets this event apart from other healthy conferences is the fact that it is based on women’s needs and desires to feel fabulous in all areas of life. I had the pleasure of speaking with Cletus the other morning and he described the event to be more than just sitting for 8 hours a day listening to speakers. Work shops, group events and plenty of time to discuss and mingle. Key speakers include Andrea Metcalf, Andre Carthen – Janet Jackson’s Chef,  Julieanna Hever and Renessa Rios.

I will be an attendee and a volunteer for this event, making positive lasting relationships. I plan on being a part of this event for years to come, helping it grow and flourish in the Seattle community and other cities.

Would you like to attend this event? Clean Eating Mama readers will receive a discount! Just email me for details! thecleaneatingmama@gmail.com

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