Tea for Two


Nothing starts the day off better than seeing your best friend bright and early on a Monday.

She texted me last night asking if she could stop by before work to drop something off. I said Of Course! And I will even make a cup of coffee! Well, coffee for her and tea for me. I keep packets of hot chocolate in my pantry just for her coffee… cause that’s what friends do.

Ash is someone dear to my heart. She came into my life unexpectedly as a co-worker. I interviewed her, hired her and I was her boss. But we never had that kind of relationship. At the office, she respected me and knew our positions. But we had an instant connection with each other. She’s witty, quirky, strong, beautiful… I love her. We tell each other every day how lucky we both are to have each other in our lives. I trust her whole heartedly. And Bub’s absolutely ADORES her too. She is Aunty Ashley – they have a very close bond.

And I owe our friendship to her boyfriend who reportedly applied for the position I was hiring for. She didn’t know he had sent her resume in. Sneaky. But it worked out and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

So this morning I greeted her with a huge hug, like I always do, and she greeted me with this:


It is a home made dry erase board!


I have this obsession with owls, hence the Nerdy Owl. My shop is named Nerdy Owl. Yes… I refer to myself as The Nerdy Owl… I also love nerds. Glasses, science, math… oh baby, I love it when you talk nerdy to me!

All it is is a picture frame, a piece of glass, paper decals on the inside and a little attached plastic jug to keep the markers in. It is perfect. Now, where shall I hang it?


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