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Behind the Scenes

Happy Sunday to you! I hope everyone’s weekend was perfect!

We had beautiful weather in Seattle! Jordan and I went down to the beach and watched the ducks yesterday. It was a little chilly still but the sun was warm and very welcoming after the long, dreary winter. We just had snow last week, too! Crazy weather!

As you all know, I love soup. I usually make a huge batch of soup on the weekend and lasts me all week long. But I have been craving salads the past few weeks and my fridge has been packed with fresh produce. Don’t you just love opening your fridge and seeing fresh veggies and fruit?!

Today’s lunch – a packed salad with spring mix and veggies – cucumbers, red onion, avocado, snap peas, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of hot sauce.


I also had a side of whole wheat tortilla, hummus and kalamata olives. I love kalamata olives – I could eat an entire jar in one sitting!




I received an email a few weeks ago asking me if I was done with blogging and if I was doing alright. She stated that she missed my blogging and hoped I was not gone.
Rest assured, I am here. In fact, I too miss blogging. A lot.
I started my blog in 2009. I didn’t know what I was doing or where it was going to take me but I found it very fun and loved to be able to share with so many other people. My blog has then turned into an online resource for clean eating, vegan recipes and a health resource. I have learned so much from my blog – the continual research, educating others and being a very active person in the food world. I am The Clean Eating Mama and will always be the Clean Eating Mama.
Between working full time, raising a little boy and regular daily activities, I find it challenging to blog like I used to. I get frustrated and wish I could but I know it is all about balance. I really do enjoy blogging and I need to make it a priority and a routine. Like brushing my teeth. So for those that continue to read my blog, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I hope to continue to provide nutritious recipes and be a trusted resource for your food and health needs.

A little behind the scenes…

I have a great condo in the Seattle area. It is very wooded, secure and private. I take most of my pictures on my deck because of the natural light. This is today’s lunch set up:


I pretty much live in a park – I love it!

When I blog, this little one is counting sheep:

Can you believe he is three and a half?! He is getting so big! This is Jordan and his 2 year old cousin, Alexis, at my grandmothers 70th birthday party a few weekends ago. He is sooooo incredibly handsome! And I just love her little cheeks! Holding hands… swoon!

jordan and alexis And this is where I sit and type… and type… and edit… and sip coffee… and I also put my make up on here in the morning.

Fresh flowers are a MUST in my home. I always thought you needed someone to buy you flowers but realized I wanted flowers all of the time. Now I buy them along with my groceries. They add a level of calmness and peace to my home.

Again, thank you for allowing me to come into your home, your lives and your health. I hope to continue this blog for years to come!


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