halloween · jordan

You are my hero!


J and I have a great time last night! We walked around, saying Trick or Treat and enjoying all of the other ghost and goblins!
His costume was a little spur of the moment. I thought he was able to fit into his last years costume but… it was a wee bit small. So the day before Halloween I was scrambling, searching store racks and trying to find ANY costume that would fit him. Alas, Superman.

IMG_9440 IMG_9441

Look how much he has grown!

12558_1195769948609_1659284355_502276_239478_n 12558_1195769988610_1659284355_502277_2027983_n 

It is virtually impossible for me to capture any non-blurry pictures of him any more. He stands still for one second and then OFF HE GOES!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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