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Work day eats

ALL this week I kept forgetting my camera to document my eats at work. :sigh: FINALLY the last two days I remembered!

I feel that it has become a struggle to eat creatively when I have to pack lunches in brown bags. I am eating a lot of raw food. While that’s not a bad thing, I have been trying to keep it creative, healthy and tasty.  I receive so many emails and questions asking – Please help me eat better during my work days!

Well, it really isn’t that hard, at least for me it isn’t. I eat everything that has to be chilled, hence the raw diet. There is a microwave but I tend to not use microwaves too often. I have been slacking on the prep part of my lunch so I am often scrambling around my kitchen a few minutes before I have to leave.

Breakfast is cold cereal or an apple with PB.


I keep everything separate, naturally. This is Uncle Sam + plain shredded wheat, strawberries, a raw CCB and vanilla soy milk. I ALWAYS bring my pretty bowls from home too. I swear it makes the food taste better.

And there is coffee, decaf.


Lunch is usually 99% raw – I love eating raw. Today was a mixture of raw veggies + raw sunflower seeds + hummus + pita chips.



And water – massive amounts of water


Today I was pretty full all day, but I do normally bring fresh fruit as an afternoon snack – grapes, cherries… anything that is easy to eat while working.

I do miss not being able to cook hot meals, though. I have been craving tofu scrambles and fresh hot vegetable burritos. But my lunches always keep me satisfied and full all day long.

I have not been working out on a regular basis, though. It is starting to stress me out a bit. I canceled my gym membership a few months back because I was running outside all of time – I am thinking of starting it up again a way to get me back into my groove. I can go after I put J down at night.

Remember this?


Look at him now!

DSC06076 DSC06077 DSC06078

I can now plant him in dirt and watch him grow into a healthy house plant. =)


PS – I am obsessed with this pantry!


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