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No time!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and was able to spend time with the one man who will love you no matter what: your dad.

Happy Father’s day, Dad!

I guess I decided to take the weekend off – I literally didn’t take any pictures of food. I guess I was planning and relaxing for the start of a new week. We had a relaxing Father’s Day. I thought it was supposed to be a fairly nice weekend but it ended up being cloudy and rainy. The rain really doesn’t bother me, in fact I embrace it. That means I don’t have to water the grass or my plants. Although I feel bad for J as he LOVES to play outside!

The only picture I did take was off my lunch yesterday. It was pretty much amazing in every way.


A simple whole wheat wrap. I spread my basil cheese spread on the bottom then topped with with chickpeas, red bell pepper, read onion, avocado and salt and pepper. I don’t know about you but I love red bell pepper!


Then I had an organic apple with some peanut butter.  

This week is going to be a crazy and busy week for me but I promise to still post at night or in the morning.

Have a wonderful week! AND remember to subscribe to my posts on the right hand side of my blog. That way you will receive my posts via email as soon as I write them.
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