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Hey all! How is everyone’s Tuesday going so far?

I wanted to share some pictures of J and his new little table. Look at how small it is! He loves it! He can color on it, eat at it but really he just likes to sit in the chairs at random times. I think it makes him feel like a big kid =)

DSC05231 DSC05232


The top actually comes off and underneath is a lego surface for the lego-blocks that came with the table. They are a little small for him but we let him play with them while we are watching.




Breakfast was a home made banana muffin and a few hours later a mini whole wheat bagel with almond butter. I guess it’s a “mini” kind of day today!


New York Bagel Boys makes these little mini bagels and they are awesome! The perfect snack size! I love bagels but it is just way too much bread for me at times.

Lunch was a bowl packed with salad goodies – Organic baby spinach, white beans, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, cilantro, basil, red onion, salt and pepper and a splash of EVOO.

DSC05240 DSC05241

Dessert was a hot cup of decaf coffee with a few home made chocolate chip cookies.


Question: I have been helping my old company out the past few days with some marketing projects. It’s actually been wonderful getting out of the house, conversing with adults, wearing actual clothes vs. yoga pants and seeing all of my old co-workers. I haven’t seen them for about a year so it’s been great to catch up again.

I have lost quite a bit of weight since I had Jordan and since I have seen everyone. A lot of them have complemented me on my appearance saying that I am thin and look great.

I have never been one to fish for compliments nor do I like to draw attention to myself. I smile and say Thank You but I can’t help but to feel a bit uncomfortable and shy about it. And I am so used to my weight and looks that I forget how much I really have changed over the past year.

How do you handle these types of situations?


6 thoughts on “Miniature

  1. Hey Tasha! I think what you need to do in these situations is just hold your head high and say Thank You. Let's face it, you've worked HARD! You deserve a little praise, you know? And like another commenter said, you are probably inspiring people to lead healthier lives which is great isn't it!

  2. i understand girl. i think it's something we don't talk about because we feel kinda like a "skinny bitch" when we bring it up. aren't we supposed to be flattered by comments like that??? aren't we???well, i for one hate it when someone says "OMG you're so skinny!!!" it's frustrating, and there's really no way to come back from that.and really all it means is that the other person usually is uncomfortable with themselves (unless they're just complimenting your weightloss, but usually i find it's because they're guilty).does that make sense? in any case, take the compliment, and leave the discomfort. they probably meant well.-r

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