Pancake inspiration!

It’s Friday!

As promised, I will update you all on my back situation. I went to our family doctor yesterday afternoon and I told him the long story of my fall, my marathon training and so on. He checked my reflexes, watched me walk, had me do a number of moves (bending over, turning, etc). He said it was nothing serious but really did not have an explanation as to what happened or what was going on. I need to have an x-ray and we will go from there.

He told me to live normally – go to the gym, run of I want. But I am trusting my own bodies judgment and I will probably stay away from running as I am still limping when I walk.

So there you have it… I am starting to feel a little bit better. Either that or I am getting used to the pain!

Jessica aka Dairy Free Betty announced on her facebook page that she was going to have pancakes for breakfast… talk about inspiration! I took her suggestion to heart and whipped up a batch of buckwheat pancakes for J and I.

Of course J wanted to help out in the kitchen! 😉



But he actually had more fun playing with the buttons on the fridge!


I topped my pancakes with PB, strawberries and maple syrup. 



I put chocolate chips in J’s pancakes… let’s just say I had a very messy boy to clean up!

DSC05033 DSC05035


The Nourish your Inner Goddess giveaway has ended! Thank you for all that entered – I loved reading about the ways you love to pamper yourself!

The winner chosen by was….. Number 1!!!

Heather (Heather’s Dish) said…

i’ve wanted to win this so badly! i would say that just taking time to do yoga on my own (no hubby or dogs allowed!) is one of my favorite ways to pamper myself 🙂

Congratulations Heather!


Like I mentioned before, I am attending Seattle’s Veg Fest this weekend and I so excited! Living Harvest was kind enough to give me two free tickets so Marc and I are going to check it out while J is busy being spoiled by Grandma. =)

What are your plans this weekend? Whatever they are, have fun and be safe!


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14 Responses to Pancake inspiration!

  1. Gab* says:

    Glad to hear your back is slightly improved. I think you're doing the right thing by listening to your body. Hopefully it heals soon, being injured is really hard!Jordan is getting so big!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope you are okay. Haven't seen any new posts in a while. Recipies, your eats, J's eats, ???

  3. Ameena says:

    Sorry I have been MIA as far as commenting…I am reading! Just a bit behind.Glad to hear that your back is going well…definitely don't run until you feel 100%! How cute is J? I love those pictures!!

  4. Mo says:

    Your son is so freaking cute! Those pancakes look to die for!

  5. Awwwww….those pictures are so cute. I hope all is going well for you. Stay away from running for a while and swim or walk.

  6. lena says:

    Looks like the pancakes were a hit, love that face!

  7. runsarah says:

    J is ADORABLE! Those pancakes look delish too. Glad your back is feeling a bit better!

  8. greensandjeans says:

    hahahaha, J looks like me after licking the bowl when I'm baking!

  9. Such cute pictures of J and the pancakes look awesome!

  10. He is SO precious! My son has those same pjs also. 🙂

  11. Aaah, I'm being inspired by pancakes almost everywhere! I have to make some. Yours look deeeeeeeelish. :)Jenn

  12. Have I told you lately how my I love my God Blog son!! hehe He's the cutest kid ever… Thanks for the shout out today!! My pancakes sucked bum this morning. I'm just no good at those things!! 🙂 But glad I could inspire you!! 🙂 Glad your doctor is feeling positive about your back!! Hopefully you will be at 100% soon!! Congrats to Heather and I am outta here!! Ciao pretty lady!Jess

  13. Noelle says:

    Everytime I go to your posts and see pics of your little one I ask God, please, just one? I mean if it is your will! I melt….Thanks for some nice pics!

  14. i'm so excited that i won…thank you so much for hosting! you've also made me crave pancakes 🙂 this weekend is going to be a lot of hiking and doing outdoor work, and i could not be more excited about it!

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