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Hey guys! I had full intention to post last night but as soon as I hit the couch with the heating pad I zonked out! I feel pretty refreshed this morning, though. =)

So here are yesterday’s eats:


This is my favorite cup to drink coffee out of. I bought it at a thrift store a few months back – I love it.


Green Monster: almond milk, frozen fruit, flax meal, half of a banana

I made soup all morning. Oh Lentil Soup… how I love thee!



This batch turned out SOOOO good! I think the secret was using all vegetable broth instead of half vegetable broth and half water. So much flavor and I hardly had to salt and pepper the final product.

Lentil soup is a staple in my fridge. It is loaded with protein, vegetables and it helps me keep full all day long. And I better load up on my soup now because I usually don’t cook or eat soup in the summer.

Of course there was some random almond eating during the after noon…

Dinner was a little rushed as J and I went to a middle school wrestling match that Marc was refereeing at. Dinner was a huge salad!


Romaine, baby spinach, garbanzo beans, red bell pepper, onion, toasted pine nuts, cilantro, s & p and a splash of EVOO. I was only able to eat half because of time but I loved the addition of cilantro in it. It was bright and flavorful! I have learned that cilantro is an herb that either you despise it or you love it. Weird because I have also been such a HUGE fan of cilantro I couldn’t even imagine anyone hating it!

J and I stopped by Cefiore for some fro-yo – it’s Marc’s favorite of all time! He loves the AcaiBerry flavor and I love their seasonal Pomegranate-Raspberry. I know it’s not “vegan” but I’m 100% OK with my choice of eating it. =) I know some may not agree but oh well….


They charge way too much for toppings so I came home and added my own non-dairy chocolate chips.



So today is April 1st – is anyone participating in any pranks today? I can never keep a straight face!! Nor do I have the greatest ideas… plus EVERYONE expects a prank to happen so I just don’t ever participate.

And I think I may have over looked this but Diana from TheChicLife contacted me a few weeks back about doing a guest post on her blog for Meatless For Lent. It’s about my reason to turn veg – here is the link.

Here’s to a safe and sane April Fools Day!


7 thoughts on “Fools

  1. i absolutely love lentil soup! i just made a batch this week! urs looks delicious tho and i want to try it! i think im going to make it the next time i make lentil soup! what color lentils do u use?-Lena

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog… omg LOVE IT!!! I am a new vegan (as of January 1, 2010). I've actually lost 20 lbs and gained tons of energy thanks to clean eating. I follow a lot of vegan/veggie blogs… but yours is extra awesome because you are okay with having fro-yo… no guilt if thats what you want to have that day. And your flax smoothie… genious! I have a huge thing of flax flakes and tried to sprinkle them on stuff… and even eat them raw but I never thought of adding them to a smoothie… genious!I just wanted to say Hi and that you have a new follower :) (I blog about everything from cooking vegan to my 3 yr old to working out to Hello kitty lol!)

  3. I'm a huge fan of cilantro, but I read somewhere that some people have a gene that causes cilantro to have the worst aftertaste.Great eats, I've gotta try the lentil soup!We're having a bit of fun with April Fool's in the office today.

  4. I love cilantro… I'm with you, I just don't understand how people could dislike it!! I am going to check out the thrift store in the next few days too for some new dishes for photo shoots 😉 FUN!! Have a greatttttttttttttt day!

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