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Product Review – Galaxy Granola

I am sure most of you who frequently read other blogs have seen Galaxy Granola featured. I know I have and was pretty psyched when they contacted me to sample their product. Who doesn’t like getting free granola!?


First of all, I was expecting to receive single portions of one kind. I was pleasantly surprised to see THREE FULL SIZE bags of their wonderful granola! They sent me Not Sweet Vanilla, Raspberry and Vanilla Almond.


Galaxy Granola’s baking concept puts them into another category in the granola world. They pride themselves using no oil in their product, rather baking their granola in fruit! Granola is amazingly scrumptious but relatively high in fat in most cases. For those watching their waistlines granola isn’t the best option for a snack. Baking with apple sauce instead of oil reduces the fat content by as much as 70% – now that’s a lot of fat! Here is their complete story behind the genius baking concept.

So how much fat is in their products? Well to start, here is the list of ingredients in their Vanilla Almond granola: DSC04675

Pretty clean, I would say. Although for vegans that do not eat honey this would not be a good choice, but their Not Sweet Vanilla does not contain any honey.

Here is the nutrition facts for their Vanilla Almond:


At first glance it looks great! Low fat, low calories, a decent amount of protein and sugar. But remember to look at the portion size – 1/4 of a cup.

Hmm…. I don’t know about you but I could never eat a 1/4 cup of granola! My servings are more like 3/4 cup to a cup. So let’s say I were to eat a regular serving of granola for my liking, 3/4 of a cup. Instead of 120 calories it would be more like 360 and instead of 2.2 grams of fat it would be 6.6. Still not bad but much more realistic.

So how does it taste? It’s actually very good! I have tasted all three flavors and I love the Raspberry with almond milk for cereal. Mmmmmm! And the Vanilla Almond is great for snacking on – I am pretty sure I ate all of the almonds. 😉 It has a great crunch, too. 

Now you all know that I give HONEST product reviews – I wear my feelings on my sleeve, so to speak.

This is not my favorite granola and I probably will not buy this again. There are a few reasons why I say this.

ONE: I love my granola the have more complexity to them. Seeds, nuts, dried fruit… It adds texture, flavor and more than one way to incorporate healthy fat into my diet – Omegas! I mentioned above that I really enjoyed the raspberry flavor but the raspberries are freeze dried. Freeze dried fruit irks me out a bit – I think it’s the texture and the way they “melt”.

TWO: The serving size still bothers me in comparison to other granola and their nutrition info. Here is a comparison from my favorite granola:



INGREDIENTS: Rolled oats*, evaporated cane juice*, soy oil*, brown rice flour*, pumpkin seeds*, flaxseeds*, oat syrup solids*, sea salt, molasses*, cinnamon*. * = organic


Sure it is higher in fat but it also contains pumpkin seeds which are loaded with good, HEALTHY fat.  And it is a realistic serving size – 3/4 of a cup. Also, I would rather choose a product that uses organic ingredients.






Please do not get me wrong – I really do love their concept behind their granola. Oil is unnecessary and over used in a lot of cases and baking in fruit is a healthy alternative that should be practiced more often. Kuddos to them for being one of the first granola companies to do this! But in the overall picture I see nothing special about their product.

Have you tried Galaxy Granola? What did you think of it?


13 thoughts on “Product Review – Galaxy Granola

  1. I've not tried it (not gluten-free) but I'm not a huge fan of granola in the first place. I do like bigger portion sizes, though, so I probably would not buy something that I could only eat 1/4 cup of. I do like the concept of using applesauce to bake the granola in, though.

  2. I do not like this granola. Has a really funny taste and texture to it. I like granola with a kick to it. If it had fruit and nuts it would taste much better.C.G Please stop critisizing people's opinions and attacking them for every word that they say. Tasha's asking for opinions here not for you to keep coming back with rude comments.

  3. Elizabeth – would you happen to be employed by Galaxy Granola? Seems to me that you are trying to justify her review to lean towards Galaxy granola. Your comments are not that of a typical reader, more like a partner of the company.

  4. Tasha I really love this granola probably because I am not a huge fan of nuts.C.G. Please read the last line because I think you skipped the part where it says"Have you tried Galaxy granola? What do think of it?" She's asking for opinions and not everyone has to agree with yours.

  5. C.G I did read her review fully…did you? Everyone is entitled to their opinions just like Tasha stated. So maybe you need to read her review a bit better.LMAO

  6. Thank you for the review! I have seen a lot fo other bloggers post about this granola.I am like you; I love finding granola that has flax, seeds and nuts in my granola. Even these raise the fat content people forget that these are healthy fats that are needed in our daily diets. Elizabeth, you may want to read her review a bit better. Thanks again, Tasha for the honesty you always give your readers!C.G.

  7. This is not the type of granola to be eating a full cup. It would be finished in a few days. 1/4 cup is a perfect portion to be used on top of yogourt, mixed in with other cereals, etc.It is a a high quality granola not a Quaker granola.

  8. i really appreciate your honesty here…everywhere else i've seen the galaxy granola is nothing but rave reviews, but i figured that SURELY not everyone is in love with the stuff. i bet it WOULD be better with more nuts, seeds, and fruit added!

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