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The Cookie Gal

Happy Wednesday!
How was everyone’s Hump Day going? Seattle was BEAUTIFUL today! Crazy since Seattle is never sunny in January!
I started with decaf coffee and a nice breakfast.
4 scrambled egg whites, green onion, faux sausage and cilantro, with WW toast and an apple with cinnamon.
And some trailmix at about noon – once I start eating it I can’t stop! haha
I decided that I as in a baking mood today. I tied on my apron and got busy! First up: Vegan Lavender Shortbread cookies!
It was dark and I couldn’t get any decent lighting! BUT I am planning on taking more pictures tomorrow. These are a delicate shortbread type cookie. They have real dried organic lavender that I grew this summer and a hint of citrus zest. They are completely different but so delightful!
Next I made a batch of Chocolate Oaties.
These were an experiment, and I need to do some tweaking. Cocoa powder, coconut, oatmeal and white chocolate chips. I need to up the cocoa and sweetener, omit the white chocolate with semi-sweet or dark chocolate, and add more liquid as they were quite dry. BUT I am eating them now with some decaf coffee, and they are a great cookie with coffee!
I made small batches of each and froze the rest of the batter. I am planning on making the Lavender cookies for the Bake Sale For Haiti.
I was also baking today because I want to start looking into selling my baked goods. I have ALWAYS wanted my own bakery/deli! And now that I am eating healthy, I want to offer baked goods to people that care about what they eat, too. Organic, natural, mostly vegan and 100% made with care.
I guess I have been inspired by Angela and her Glow Bars, thinking “That’s what I have always wanted to do!”. So why not? I have some research to do but keep your eye out for more details on this little adventure. PS – I have SO MANY ideas and dreams; I really have a hard time prioritizing them! =)
Dinner was pesto spinach pasta, Brussels sprouts and Caesar salad.
DSC03962       DSC03961
Since I trust all of your input, would you buy organic, natural baked goods, not necessarily mine but in general? I have been making breads, cookies and pastries; all organic, natural and healthy. I feel like this isn’t a substitute for a job but to make healthy alternatives to everyday food available to people who care about their health.

In honor of my endless adventures, I am giving someone a chance to win a dozen of my Lavender Cookies!
Here’s what to do! (leave a comment for EACH number you do)
  1. Leave a comment stating what kind of baked goods you would like to see available.

  2. Tweet about this giveaway – @tashakaye09 Win The Clean Eating Mama’s organic lavender shortbread cookies!

  3. Add me to your blog roll or comment if I already am.

  4. Blog about this giveaway on your blog. Don’t have a blog? Tell me what your favorite cook book or cooking website is!

The giveaway ends Friday, the 22nd at 9AM has ended!
(ingredients: organic flour, organic raw sugar, organic lavender, organic orange zest, Vegan Butter Spread)
Good luck and good night!

34 thoughts on “The Cookie Gal

  1. Hey! Just saw your Caesar salad…what kind of dressing do you use? I can never find dressing without eggs or anchovies, and I would really love some.

  2. Those lavendar cookies sound INCREDIBLE. I'll let some other lucky duck win them, but I think you're onto something with the bakery idea. Reach for the stars, lady!

  3. Hey,I love love love your blog! So many awesome ideas!1) I would love to see anything with lots of chocolate or coconut!!2)Did the tweet3) I don't have a blog so I don't think I can do a blog roll :(4) I love Racheal Ray!! Her cook books are my fav 🙂

  4. Everybody loves sweets so if you offered healthy options I think it would be a hit. Maybe in the summer you could sell at a Farmer's Market if you have one in your area on the weekends for fun. I am sure Jaxson and I would love your lavender cookies. Wish us luck!

  5. whoopsies, i forgot to say what i'd like to see. i think it's such a great idea for you to follow your dreams and start some kind of bakery. i would love it if you made diverse vegan goods that were healthy, too :). no oreos for this girl! 😛

  6. you are so sweet to give your readers a chance to win some of those yummy looking lavender cookies! thanks for the giveaway and have a lovely day 🙂

  7. I'm almost positive they have dairy but I'll enter anyway :)I think it's a great idea. And? you don't have to deal with the shipping rates that Angela does because you're in the US!

  8. You are on my google reader but alas I do not have a blog myself.My favorite cookbook-Weight Watcher take out tonight. It is an old one but a goodie. It has all the take out yumminess w/o out all that fat and salt. It has every food-greek, italian, chinese, japanese, deli.Currently both my husband and I love the pastrami rueben from that cookbook!

  9. You are so sweet, creative and talented. I think the bakery idea is such a good idea.. I would definietly buy this type of cookie. I would love to win the lavender cookies. I just started the "healthy" eating concept and I am truly loving it !

  10. Absolutely! AsI enjoy making my own treats, but am not creative enough to invent new recipes much less use something like lavendar in baking. And sometimes I just don't have time, so it's nice to be able to have healthy go-to snacks available!

  11. I would love these! YUMMY!! I think a bakery is an awesome idea. Especially if it's dairy free 🙂 Also if you can find a way for the shipping to cost less than an average order of cookies etc… if that doesn't make sense, let me know!

  12. Geez those lavender cookies look so good! I'm a fan of anything nut butter related, so I'd probably be on the lookout for those!

  13. I love the idea of selling your natural baked goods! Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies with WW flour & flax. They were just what I was craving. It sounds like you have great ideas & I would LOVE to win some of your lavendar cookies! 🙂

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