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Throwing in the towel?

 Hey guys! So, this post was from yesterday – I was having technical difficulties and I wasn’t able to post last night!

Like my new mug?


I bought it yesterday at Pier 1 – I LOVE it!


Breakfast was lame – I had some trail mix and a pear, then around 12 I made myself a nice juice mixture


It wasn’t the best but it worked! I think it was large kale leaves – it was a tad bitter.

  • 2 carrots
  • one apple
  • 6 strawberries
  • 3 kales leaves

Blended with: ice, banana and flax meal.

Lunch was at about 3 – I had another spelt burger! I love these things!


I put a wedge of laughing cow cheese on it, lots of hot sauce, cilantro, avocado and sprouts.


A side of butternut squash with walnuts for a side.


Speaking of kale, I made more chips!


I used EVOO and some sea salt – very yummy!

AND I had a lavender cupcake sometime in there… the frosting had bits of lavender in it! HEAVENLY!

Dinner was simple and pretty much what I have been eating the past few weeks!


Greek yogurt, strawberries, granola and some trail mix.

I ended up missing the first 30 minutes of The Biggest Loser but I made sure I watched the rest of it. I am a little pissed at the red team – why does she keep throwing in her weight? And I do not believe her one bit when she said she hasn’t. She gained 1 pound last week and only lost one pound this week. Just like the trainers said – IMPOSSIBLE!

What did you think?

I was still hungry so I made cut up some veggies with hummus.


Well guys, I am off the bed! See you tomorrow!


15 thoughts on “Throwing in the towel?

  1. I love your blog! Wow, all the dishes you have here look so delicious! I am definitely going to try the spelt burgers! I make Kale Chips regularly & love them too! My 2 year old daughter loves them too! Spinach Chips are great as well! Feel free to pop over to my blogs sometime (I've been changing my lifestyle to eating clean & I'm really happy I have!) I'm so glad I've found your blog! Your cup is super cute!

  2. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading! I'm a momma too, and trying to live healthy and eat clean. The red team. I like them overall, so it annoys me what she is up to. There really is no way that she would not lose a pound over two weeks with their crazy work-out schedule and healthy eating! Frustrating! ( – my health food blog)

  3. Ya, red team chick was totally lying. She may have tried to lose a bit more than 1 lb but she certainly wasn't giving it your all. I can lose 2 lbs. a week without working out a all!

  4. The red team makes me mad too! Every season there is 1 team that bothers me and it looks like this season it could be them. Although I think white team guy is not as motivated as he should be. I mean come on…you are on the Biggest Loser!!

  5. Your kale chips are so pretty! Everything looks delicious, especially since I'm GROWLING!I haven't seen BL yet — maybe tonight. I agree though, seems a bit odd for 2 bad weeks in a row with a regimen like that. Hmmm..

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