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Corn heaven

I am so glad everyone loves my chili recipe! I love it, too! =)

Ahem, this is the main reason why I love chili:


I love me some cornbread – I have to have it with melted butter and honey! I have a serious weakness for cornbread! I swear it’s just like cake!

These wonderful cornbread muffins were from last nights dinner. I was so tempted to grab a third but decided I wanted some peppermint ice cream instead =)

Breakfast today was a blended smoothie for a change.


I blended some almond milk, frozen berries and peaches, spinach, 3 clementines, a banana and some flax meal. It was VERY sweet! BUT good! I am so used to the earthiness of the beets in my juice drinks.

Lunch was chili – what else!?


And a small side salad with carrots, celery, basil and Goddess Dressing.


AND corn bread, of course!


It was a very tasty and filling spread!


I have also been craving some craft time. Yesterday I ironed some towels and set an embroidery pattern on them. I am making my Grandma a set of 7 towels – one for each day of the week.

DSC03873 DSC03874

Cute huh! I love to embroider. I love learning new stitch techniques and improving my stitch quality. I can make one of these in a day – 2 if J lets me =)

Today he is going through some teething and has not been feeling well. =(

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


13 thoughts on “Corn heaven”

  1. I totally share your love for cornbread! Not something I make too often, because I'm likely to eat the whole thing, but I also enjoy those special occasions.. and the single serving sizes at Whole Foods :p

  2. great looking eats! That corn bread looks amazing. Id love to get the recipe for that. I think its cool that you are making some towels. I wish I could sew. Its one of those things Id like to learn eventually. It seems really calming. I can knit a little though. Which is fun! Have a great day!

  3. OMG I am the same way about cornbread! I LOVE IT! Next time you make chili, put a layer of it in a baking dish then a small layer of cheese and then pour raw cornbread mix over the top and bake per the instructions on the cornbread. It doesn't really have a name, I call it Chili bake, it is SO SO good and a hit at potlucks! Actually, I might have to make it this weekend for the Icefest party in Leavenworth! Hope you are having a great day!

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