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A Better Pancake


Mmmm… cakey goodness! Like most of you I wanted to find a “healthier” way to enjoy my pancakes. I don’t eat them often but when I do I always look for ideas to make them worth my health.

A Better Pancake

  • store bought pancake mix of your choice*
  • 2-3 table spoons flax meal, per 2 servings

Cook as directed!


Yup, that’s it! I love flax meal – I use it when I can in pretty much everything: juice drinks, pancakes, waffles… while I like the taste of flax I do try to “hide” it. Flax is very high in Omega 3, and has cancer protective properties. It is recommended that individuals, especially women, consume flax on a daily basis. If you do not have flax meal you can grind flax seeds into a powder like consistency. This is the optimal way to eat it, as it releases all of the essential fats from the seeds. BUT I am always looking for a time saver so flax meal it is.

*Stores offer a wide variety of pre-packaged pancake mixes. Look for organic options, gluten free or what ever kind you enjoy.

Toppings are always fun with pancakes! I love fresh fruit like strawberries or fresh blueberries, and nuts; walnuts are my favorite! Add some dark chocolate nibs for a special treat, or simply top with pure maple syrup!




11 thoughts on “A Better Pancake

  1. I was using a lot of flax seed after Amelia was born. Once I became pregnant I stopped b/c too much flax seed can interfere with the development of my baby's reproductive organs. However, once this baby arrives I will begin using it again w/ practically everything! Plus, it helps w/ lactation. 🙂

  2. I have flaxmeal in the pantry that I used to boost my milk supply when breastfeeding my first son but I stopped using it. I'm going to try to use it more often – it's so easy to throw into recipes. I've been following your blog for a while now and you've already inspired some changes in my diet (that I had already considered mostly healthy…) so thank you! You were one of the main inspirations for my new year's resolution: — Thanks!!

  3. I grind my own in a cheap coffee-grinder that's dedicated to flax. It's really easy and doesn't take long. I store the homemade meal in the fridge and it keeps for well over a week. Those pancakes look delish!

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