I admit it – I am lazy tonight. I don’t want to walk to my office to retrieve me camera cord. I have been watching The Ironman for the past hour – love it. It is so empowering and motivational. I end up bawling when I see participants not making the cut off. They trained so hard! I cannot even imagine that feeling! Here I am training for my measly half marathon in June and they are swimming 2 miles, biking over a 100 and running a full marathon.

I want to do it someday. 

Well, maybe I should get through my half before added more to my running and training plate.

So I am writing my to-do list on my blog because I know I will I will actually accomplish and check off my items! ha

  • laundry
  • vacuum
  • clean bathrooms
  • blog
  • groceries
  • make returns at Target and Fred Meyer
  • go to gym
  • take back library books
  • go over bills

I think that takes care of it.

See you tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Check”

  1. awww, be lazy and enjoy some rest! We all need some right about now!and I loved your family get together! it all looked so nice!have a great evening!

  2. I love your blog! You are awesome! And your son might be the cutest thing I've ever seen! He is beautiful. I love your philosophy on eating and life. You seem like such an upbeat and energetic person. I look forward to learning more about you. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. I still haven't seen this year's Ironman. I'm planning a party at my house within the next few weeks to watch it with a bunch of tri friends. It should be good! I know, I was crying just watching Chrissie kick everyone's butt last year!

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