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Over the hills and through the woods…

…to Grandmothers house I went!

I had a lovely time with my grandparents and my own parents! Felt like back when I was actually a kid! It was sort of a long drive for J – he started to get pretty hungry and fussy about 45 minutes before arriving. But the roads were clear and no problems!

Once I arrived at my Grandparents house I was quickly greeted with hugs and kisses =); and food! I was starving!


I had some celery, broccoli, olives and crackers. I left the meat and cheese for everyone else.

And then I made a nice cup of coffee while taste testing some of the MANY desserts that my Grandma made. And yes, I brought my French Press…for a few reasons: I drink mostly decaf and I cannot stand my grandmothers coffee. Sorry Grandma!


Look! Santa came!


I love looking at all of the detail of her village!


And of course once J say my mom I was chopped liver – he LOVES his Grandma!


Before dinner we were all talking, laughing and playing around.

IMG_9160  IMG_9169

I was pretty excited for dinner – I love my Grandmothers cooking!



I had a HUGE but delicious WW roll, some mashed potatoes with some gravy, yams with marshmallows (!!! my favorite !!!), veggies and turkey (which I didn’t end up eating) Of course I went back for more yams, too! =)

After everyone was all fat and sassy, we just lounged and then opened up presents. My mom has most of the pictures on her camera but here is one of my Grandpa and I.


And my parents =)


My parents are actually divorced but still really good friends. My dad is always at all of our family events, too.

I received some lotion and dish towels and J received a really cute base bal outfit!

He had a lot of fun playing with all of the new “things”!


After J went to sleep we all stayed up until 12 playing Apples to Apples which was a hoot! After 3 rounds we all decided to head to bed.

Much to our surprise it had snowed over night! Only a light dusting but everything was white. I was planning on heading back home this morning so I wasn’t too excited to see the white stuff – I didn’t even take pictures of it!

I have to travel over mountain passes to get back home. Washington State is divided by the Cascade Mountains and there is no getting around it. I left a little earlier than I was expecting but I did not want to drive in crappy weather conditions.

So I fed J breakfast, bundled up and head for home. The roads had a little snow on them but they were actually pretty good.

I was STARVING once I hit a decent size town so I stopped at Starbucks – I was craving a soy mocha and some food! They were out of the Protein Platter AND all vegetarian sandwiches – BOO! So I settled for a coconut Larabar. Delish!

I was still pretty hungry when I arrived home so I ate a left over Caesar salad in the fridge. The dressing was nasty so I just at the lettuce and shared the croutons with J. Boring but I guess it worked.


I stink, literally. I am off to take a shower before Marc gets home!

I want to leave you with some pictures of J in his new pajamas that I gave him for Christmas! He is my little Spider Man!IMG_9178

IMG_9177   IMG_9181

IMG_9184 IMG_9185 IMG_9186 IMG_9187 IMG_9188 IMG_9190

PS – I missed you all! =)


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