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Finally, some Holiday photos


Can’t you tell we were having a PARTAY on Christmas Eve?! A pajama party, that is! I was practicing my jazz hands =)

So sine I have not posted anything about my Christmas, I thought I would do so. FINALLY!!!

My mom, her boyfriend and my dad all come over Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas. My mom and her boyfriend stayed the night – we all had WAY too much fun! lol

J – all dressed up! He is 14 1/2 months now! He is so handsome! =)



The pillar of cards


Appetizers waiting for my parents to show up



We made a fairly classic Christmas dinner: spiral ham, roasted veggies, stuffing per my request (I love my carbs!), butternut squash and latkes!

This was my first time making latkes and they turned out fabulous! Latkes are a Jewish potato pancake made out of classic baked potatoes raw and shredded, eggs, some flour, onion and s&p. I fried them up in some vegetable oil. You can eat them plain, with sugar or applesauce.


Man, I ate a lot of these bad boys! They were freaking yummy!

Finally, dinner was served!


I didn’t eat my roll – stuffing was enough carbs for me!

Then there was this HUGE plate of baked goodies that my mom made!


Then it was “fat pants” time! AKA sweats!

And apparently something was “over there”… ?


All of the presents under the tree! and of course Marc’s foot.


Like I said at the very beginning, we all opened up our pajamas and were strutting them around the entire evening.

(My regular camera ended up going dead and I could not find my charger ANYWHERE! I had to bust of my good ol point and shoot. I was bummed but at least I had a camera.)

And Marc and I got silly with the point and shoot =) IMG_9077


We just sat around, talked and laughed. Marc went to sleep before any of us did, like he does every night. The rest of us stayed up until 11:30 or so.

The Next morning we all woke up, me last of course, and wished each other a very Merry Christmas!


I don’t think J was ready for mama and her camera. 😉


Opening some stocking stuffers with Grandma




Then it was on to the main event!

Santa brought J a rocking horse!


… which he wasn’t too sure about…



I guess he liked to look at it more than he liked to ride it.



We all received so many great gifts! It was such a great morning!

My mom bought me a Lulumon gift card, a French Press, a vegan cookbook, beautiful serving dishes… to name a few! Marc and J bought me a new UW sweatshirt, some books, Nutcracker tickets, Starbucks gift card… and of course a lap top bag with a flyer for a Mac! I haven’t picked it out yet because we have all been soooo busy but I am expecting to very soon! YAY!

J got a bunch of clothes, toys, a big Mickey mouse, books, his rocking horse, shoes and a bunch of other items!

We all received sooo many nice gifts! Thanks again, Mom!






We really worked up an appetite from all that unwrapping, so I made us all a hearty breakfast.


  • scrambled eggs, half whole eggs and half just whites
  • left over ham
  • spinach
  • onion
  • shredded cheese
  • s & p


Fresh, baked scones.




I also heated up left over Latkes for hasbrowns.

Breakfast was a big hit and it was a perfect way to all of us to wind down after the excitement of presents.

Shortly after, my parents packed up and left as they had other obligations that afternoon. We also had a couple of friends come over that afternoon, as well. After all of the indulging – I seriously ate for 24 hours straight – all we wanted to do was nap.

We were both so exhausted to even look at a knife that night for dinner so we googled pizza near us and called the first one to pop up – Papa Johns. I was so surprised that some one had answered! I kept telling Marc that no one would be open, but sure enough!


We split a medium pizza – his side had pepperoni and pineapple and mine had veggie with extra veggie. All of the moisture from the extra veggies seeped down and made the crust super soggy. =( I was so bummed! The crust is what makes the pizza! I was only able to eat the crust – boo. BUT I really could not complain, we were just lucky that we got a pie delivered to us!

Christmas 2009 was a blast! And I am glad I was FINALLY able to share with all of you!


5 thoughts on “Finally, some Holiday photos

  1. J is soooooooooooooooo super cute!! He's going to be a heart breaker for sure!! 🙂 Looks like a fab Christmas, our family used to do PJ parties too!! I miss it!! Let me know how that pictionary guy works out, I was interested in that game too!! Ciao bella,Jess

  2. Everything looks SO good! I have that cookbook too 🙂 Definitely a keeper. Glad you enjoyed the holiday!

  3. Love the pajama party pictures! Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday! This year really flew by, didn't it?

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