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Hey all!
Err, my computer is going to die so I am going to make it brief!
I have enjoyed looking at ALL of your Christmas photos and reading about the fun times that were shared! I am right in the middle of creating my own Christmas post but wanted to quickly write about today.
SInce I have been eating non stop the past few days, I knew I had to start getting on track!
Green Monster, here I come!
I juices 2 RIPE pears, 3 carrots, 3 clementines, then blended it with spinach and a banana – DEFINETELY what my body needed!
I had a half of a Larabar before heading to the gym at noon – this flavor HAS to be my favorite!
I had and AMAZING 6 mile run today! And can I just say that this was my longest run EVER! YAY! =) I wasn’t worried too much about speed, just completion! I finished in about 1hour and 5 minutes – including some hill walking. I quickly iced my knees and finished my other half of the Larabar. I felt AMAZING!
Lunch was quickly served after my knees thawed.
Sweet potatoes slices, steamed spinach, Amy’s vegan chili and celery sticks with hummus. Did you know that it actually burns MORE calories digestion celery than the actual vegetable itself? I just love the taste, though – that’s why I eat it. =)
I was cleaning up all of our gifts and packaging and I decided to try my new French Press my mama bought me! I was SOOO excited when I opened it!
Mmmm…. coffee goodness…
Waiting, waiting, waiting… I hate the anticipation!
Hooked – tasted amazing!
While sipping on my new found love, I killed some time by reading some magazines that came in the mail.
I have been waiting for a new edition of Clean Eating for a while! I was stoked when I saw it!
A little pre dinner snack – a few pickles.
Dinner was pretty simple – but simple is always needed!
Oikos yogurt topped with granola and trail mix, almond butter and an apple with cinnamon.
I also made some zuccini that was wilting away in the fridge. I used a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and a pinch of Italian seasoning
After dinner I watched Food, Inc – I reviewed about it here.
So is everyone done with Holiday parties and family get togethers? I love the holidays but I am always so relieved once my normal life comes back.
Tomorrow I am off to see my Grandparents with Baby J. I wont be blogging as I am not going to be dragging the laptop so I will see everyone on Monday!
Healthy Eating,

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