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Saturday… is it over yet?

J has been very fussy today. He woke up extremely early – 6:30. Marc has been refereeing all day so I have been holding down the fort. I really cannot wait until J goes to bed. :sigh:

I started off with some sprouted toast, almond butter, jam and an apple. My apple tasted like fridge so I only ate a few pieces.


Kind of looks like a smiley face, doesn’t it!

I was able to go to the gym after J woke up from his morning nap. I did some treadmill work and stairs. I felt awesome! And J did great in their little child watch center! He just loved other kids.

After we arrived back home I roasted some brussels sprouts.




Man, were they good! I LOVED the EXTRA dark pieces! 😉

It’s funny because I really like the taste of really dark toasted things – pancakes, toast, marshmallows and apparently Brussels sprouts! lol

It was really simple, too! I washed, cut, salted and oiled and put them in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes. I was able to shower and put my makeup on while they were cooking – props for multi tasking!

I kept eating them when I was making J lunch and doing the dishes. My lunch consisted of some couscous, garbonzo beans, edamame, carrots and hummus. Filling!

 DSC03452 DSC03453

And J kept me company while I ate =)


But don’t let that smile fool you!

After lunch I cleaned up a bit, did some chores and made a cup of coffee with some mint cocoa in it. YUM!


I wrapped some Christmas presents and fought with J for a nap – he won. Well, no nap means early bedtime… I hope!


8 thoughts on “Saturday… is it over yet?

  1. That smile would brighten my day! I love couscous, Still holding onto some from Trader Joes. Good stuff. I had a carrot today, not big on raw carrots, but it was extra good for some reason.

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