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PEACE – A new day!


I promise that I will be in a better mind set than I was yesterday. I had a good night sleep and woke up feeling more positive! =) And thanks everyone for the kind comments – it really does help! LOVE YOU!!!

So I am drinking my coffee out of my “peace” coffee cup with some mint chocolate cocoa powder. Mmmm… I thought it was appropriate.


But I found this disappointing – I opened the package with it being only half full. Boo. I hate when packaging companies do this; make the package look big but the contents small.


Yesterday J and I did a little shopping! :Ahem: For groceries 😉


Just some staples: almond milk, J’s milk, honey, tofu, some fruit, kobacha!, yougurt, granola, soup… I also picked up some miso since I have a lot of recipes that call for it that I want to try.

I also picked up some food specifically for PFM as I have been slacking the past few weeks.


We also went to World Market. Marc had mentioned that he wanted to do Chanukah this year and I saw that they had menorah’s the last time I went shopping. I was so excited that he had said this! We have never done Chanukah before – I am in the process of gathering some authentic Jewish recipes to make. I already make a good matzo ball soup but there are so many other dishes to make! 


I also picked up these yummy items:


The Hello Kitty snacks are for Marc’s stocking (shhhh), I have always wanted to try Tabouli, we were out of Cholula, I needed some tumeric, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate (the Lindt sea salt dark chocolate is DEVINE! LOVE the combo!) and some veggie tortilla chips.


I love World Market!

I munched on some Pumpkin Pie yogurt and granola while J ate his dinner:


The taste was AWESOME but I am so used to greek yogurt that I didn’t enjoy the thinness of it. BUT it was still goodness in a bowl!

And then when I was feeling down I sucked it up, grabbed a few clementines and snuggled on the couch with my new reading material.



Oh, and I found Mr. Penguin hiding under the blankets – peek-a-boo!


I hope everyone has a great Friday! And thanks again for all the kind words of support! =)


1 thought on “PEACE – A new day!”

  1. I grew up with a Jewish best friend and we always did Hanukkah at his house and Christmas at ours. I always loved being able to celebrate both!

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