Calling in

Hey guys – man, did I have a long night last night. Let’s just say I was being quite friendly with the porcelain god. I haven’t been sick in a long time!

J has been feeling under the weather, too. I’m not sure if we have the same thing but I blame my night to my lunch – Qdoba and their grilled vegetables. EEEwwwww…. the thought makes my stomach turn!

So today is an off day since I have no appetite what-so-ever. I even traded coffee this morning with Sprite.  =(

I hope every one is having a better Monday than J and I!


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Vegan surprises

There have been so many people participating in VeganWeek that I thought it would be fun to share with you some un-healthy and fun foods that are vegan – believe it or not!

And just because you are vegan, you can still be unhealthy; weird, huh?!


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Nesquik Chocolate Syrup Energy-Drink-RedBull 

 koolaid hotcocoa_doublechoc


wheat_thins Nabisco Oreo. Images of store brand Oreo and Chips Ahoy knockoffs for Dollar Wise series. Shot November 17 2008. 2419828073_8b8fc301ea 0003010076497_LG blowpops FRITOS_Original_Corn_Chips Lay's Potato Chips sunchips_original_11.5 teddy_honey_01

Amazing, huh!? And this is only a small amount of items that are vegan! For the entire list, view here! Now I am not saying to go out and start munching on junk food, but there is a possibility that a vegan’s COULD be unhealthy. Although, when a person chooses to be vegan their health is number one and that is usually the deciding factor. And just because these items are vegan doesn’t mean that the other ingredients do not have bad side effects on a human body – like fructose corn syrup, preservatives, trans fat and dyes. But it is nice to see larger companies and brands offer vegan options.


So what are your plans for this weekend?

I think I am going to take it easy. If you have been following me on twitter you have noticed I haven’t been feeling well. I don’t know what’s going on. I feel like I am always dizzy and nauseated. Blech. I am hoping I start to feel better. I do get very bad motion sickness and I honestly feel like I have been on a boat all day long. It sucks. 😦


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Tissue please

Hi guys – Jordan and I are feeling under the weather today. 😦

He has a horrible runny nose and my throat and nose hurts, too. Ugh – the start of the cold season has finally nabbed us. But I have got to tell you, Baby J is a trooper! He is a tad clingy but he is still running, err crawling, around the house, jumping and yelling like he is perfectly normal. All I want to do is crawl in my bed with my PJ’s and take a snooze.

But this is making me feel better:

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My first mug of hot cocoa of the season! Very chocolaty 🙂 But is it a crime that I only drink hot chocolate with water? I know it’s not as rich but I guess that’s what I am used to. Plus when I was younger I hated the smell and taste of warm milk – YUCK! I bet almond milk would taste heavenly, though!


Well tomorrow is Halloween! What are your big plans?

Since Baby J is sick, we will probably opt out on the kiddy Halloween parade in our neighborhood. The cold and wind could prolong his cold and I definitely don’t want that! With that being said, we will probably skip out on the trick – or – treating festivities, too. Marc is planning on going – he goes every year! He is such a big kid at heart 🙂 Everyone in the neighbor hood kind of expects him to go out so it is no surprise for them to get a knock at the door, seeing a 5’5” adult dressed as Barney Rubble!


What do you all think of giving non-candy treats away instead of candy? I recently read an article  on this very subject and I LOVE the idea of not giving candy out. In fact, as I can recall, I would have LOVED getting something other than candy – a toy, a pad of paper, a nick-knack… anything would have been great! A box of raisins… nah, I will pass.

With the children’s obesity rate growing year after year with no chance of it going back down, I am really surprised that there has not been more advertising for treats other than candy. However I cannot talk too much as there is a big bowl of sweets on top of the fridge… I plan on doing this next year, though.

Can you remember getting something besides candy? Is the idea of giving out something like a toy a concept that you would be willing to do?

Stay safe out there to all you party goers! I will be at home blowing my nose and taking vitamins. BOO