breakfast, green monster


The rain in Seattle has come back – not hard but it is raining.
I just arrived back home from the gym. Marc is having a “boys night” tonight so I made sure I went morning. Knee still feels AWESOME! I still am taking it slow as I do not want to injure it again but I did some much needed speed work and stairs.

I am now sipping on a Green Monster – I have missed it! I haven’t had one in like 4 days…


  • almond milk
  • spinach
  • Amazing Grass
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen blueberries
  • almond butter
  • half of an apple

Green Monster – I sure did miss you!

Not much of an agenda today, we may be going to visit Marc’s grandparents for a bit. I DO need to clean the fridge out. SO MANY tupperware containers, leftovers, veggies and I can’t see anything! PLUS something spilled and I need to clean it up – yuck.

Have a wonderful day!

1 thought on “Morning!”

  1. Thank you for leaving the sweet comment. I read your About the Mama section and I feel the same way about pregnancy. Once you get it in your head, your priorities change because you are trying to bring a healthy baby into this world. Its not about 6 pack abs anymore.Does BABY J partake in the "boys nights" yet?? He is adorable/

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